This Robot will be able to hold your saw blades, router bits as well as your scroll
saw blades. This way you don't have to sit them down some where and ruin your blades. Also this is a good way to have storage while having a piece that everyone will like and talk about.

Materials Needed:
1) 4'x4'x1/2" plywood
2) 4'x4'x1/4" plywood
3) 4"x4"x1' lumber
4) 1/4"x3' All thread
5) 3/8" x1' All Thread
6) 4 - 1/4" ID Locking Washers
7) 2 - 1/2"x1/4" ID Spacers
8) 6 - 1/4" Hex Nut Cap
9) 1 - 3/8"-16 x 7/16 Tee Nuts "Pronged"
10) 6 - 1/4" ID Washers
11) 2 - 1" Lag Bolts

Step 1: Cutting Out the Body

You need to first cut out the body. The pieces that I used the 1/2"
plywood, you can use 3/4" plywood. The reason I choose to use 1/2" is because I wanted more slots for blades.To do this I used a band saw to cut out the following pieces. You need to cut out 2 pieces of figure "A" from a 1/2" plywood. Next cut out 10 pieces of figure "B" from 1/2" plywood and lastly cut out 12 pieces of figure "C" from 1/4" plywood. Over all size of figure "B & C" should measure 11" by 13" Once all of the pieces are cut out next you will need to drill 3 holes through each piece in the same spot so that a piece of all thread will go straight through them all.
<p>Guaranteed to give children nightmares ;) Love it!</p>
Excelente!!! Muy pr&aacute;ctico y a la vez decorativo.
<p>A very unique and clever way to hold your tools. Well done!</p>

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