Step 5: Mounting the Head

   Once you are done assembling the body find the center point of the top of the body and drill a 1/2" hole, 1/2" deep. Now insert the 3/8" tee nut into the hole. Now cut your 3/8" all thread to a length of 2 1/2" long. Next insert it into the hole of the body and then screw on the head to the body. Once your robot is assembled you can now insert the saw blades into the body and the scroll saw blades into the head.
<p>Look's scary just don't put it on a remote control chassis.</p>
At that size, what size blades will it hold? 5-1/2, 7-1/4, 10, 12's? I'm too lazy to figure for myself.....
I don't have any circular saw blades so I don't have much use for this (although I guess the head part with the scroll saw blades could be handy) but I gotta say this is adorable and clever!
Fantastic! I love that it combines form and function. Very clever!
This is great, I have also these small saw blades and bits...thanks for sharing :)
<strong>Very cool! </strong><br> <br> Though personally I would keep the saw blades <em>away</em> from the robot. The only robot I would trust with such potential weapons would be the Instructables Robot... Any others might not take to kindly to living in my workspace, as there is hardly any space for them to live.<br> <br> All joking aside this is such a creative way to store<em><br> those saw blades, you can never seem to find</em><em>,</em> <em>when you need them</em>.<br> Though, I would be tempted to electrify it in some way.<br> <sup>(Lasers anyone?)</sup>
You should definitely not trust the Instructables Robot. I can tell you first hand, he is mischievous.
Mischievousness I can deal with, I myself can be <em>very</em> mischievous. I am more worried about the robot going all homicidal on me.
he looks soooooooooo menacing with those in his belly <br>
This is awesome.
Very clever! Good work.

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