Picture of Robot Cake Topper
This is one of my most loved creations. It took about a week of nights, because you have to paint and position everything SO. CAREFULLY.

I looked for hours for someone who made a tutorial, but no one did, so there was a lot of trial and error along the way. I believe that I've perfected it!

I've seen these on etsy, and although I have a deep love of robots, there's no way I was paying over $100 for one.

For about $20, I found that I could make my own! Quite honestly, I think I love the look of mine much more.

Step 1: Material List

Picture of Material List
One of the hardest parts of constructing this was figuring out all of the materials that I needed as well as what sized item would look good with what. Lucky for you, have figured that all out!

Found at Micheal's:
- 2 Doll Head/Knob 1.5" - Lara's Crafts (for heads)
- 2 Doll Head/Knob 1" - Lara's Crafts (for guy's butt and girl's bust)
- 2 Miniature Cheese Graters - found in the wedding favor aisle (for guy's body and girl's dress). If these cannot be found, any small cone shaped object will work. The cheese grater gives it more of an industrial feel, but painted Styrofoam or a wooden cone will also look right.
- 2 Wooden Toy Wheels 1.25" - Lara's Crafts (for guy's wheels)
- 4 Button Plugs 5/16" - Lara's Crafts (for guy's eyes and girl's ears)
- Dowel Rod (for arms) - Whatever size you get, make sure you take the rod to the hardware store with you to pick out the nuts. They need to be able to screw onto the dowel rod.
- Balsa Wood - 1/16" (for bow tie and tuxedo accent on guy)

Other Materials:
- 12 Nuts (make sure they easily thread onto the dowel rod from above)
- 3 Large Washers (The size you need will vary depending on the cheese grater you get. - - Take the cheese grater with you to the hardware store to make sure you get the right sizes.) (These are for securing the bases of the heads, and the small base of the girl robot.)
- 6" Wooden Base (what the robots are standing on)
- Acrylic Paint (FolkArt: Silver Sterling, Metallic Antique Gold, and Metallic Antique Copper)
- Wire Hanger and Wire Cutters
- Grommets for girl's eyes
- Hot Glue Gun
- X-acto Knife
- Paint Brushes
- Heart Button
- Clear Sealer (I used Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover Matte Clear)
- Pliers
- Pencil
- Wax paper
rjessie43 years ago
This is such a wonderful tutorial! I am attempting to find all the right pieces but unfortunately all of laras crafts is shut down and clearanced out! I am going to attempt it with the items I found! This is very cute and I cant wait to try it!
Thank you! Your instructions were super-helpful and I will be using your pattern for my wedding in 2 weeks! I used styrofoam cones since I couldn't find graters (thanks for the alternate suggestion) and it turned out great!
urtlesquirt4 years ago
the girl looks like a dalek.
canida4 years ago
Awesome. I love the wacky industrial look the cheese grater gives!
how creative! very cute!!
mary candy4 years ago
very sweet!
got my vote.
Very original and sweet! Nice Job!
jen77144 years ago
That's really cute...in a robotic sort of way :) Nice instructable!