I was invited to a sci-fi themed halloween party and while I could think of lots of science fiction characters, I couldn't think of any I wanted or could easily be.  My friend and I had a costume making party and I still had no inspiration for Sci-Fi characters, so I made a rooster hat.   But a few days later I had the inspiration: Robot Chicken!  It's not quite Sci-fi, but it was close enough.  So the morning of Halloween I started my new Robot Chicken costume.  

This instructable will mainly describe how to make the rooster hat.  The Robot Chicken hat is made exactly the same way just with a different beak and with some tin-foil adornment.  I will also show a couple of the other very simple extra pieces I made.  The Robot Chicken costume in its entirety took about 5 or 6 hours to make (exclusive of purchasing the materials).

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

You will need:

Felt - yellow, white, red, black. I used mainly stiff felt produced by Eco-Felt.  I think you could use soft felt for the hat, but the beak and the comb need to be stiff.  The felt comes in roughly 8.5 x 11 sheets of which you will need 2 sheets to make the hat, 1 for the comb, and one for the beak.  Each sheet of stiff felt should be somewhere around 75 cents.  Soft felt will be cheaper.

Needle and Thread - regular and/or embroidery thread in a variety of colors that match the felt.

Tin Foil

Pipe Cleaners

Scissors, glue gun, scrap paper, something red and possibly sparkly

man i never would of thought of making a robot chicken mask! nice idea man

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