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I was invited to a sci-fi themed halloween party and while I could think of lots of science fiction characters, I couldn't think of any I wanted or could easily be.  My friend and I had a costume making party and I still had no inspiration for Sci-Fi characters, so I made a rooster hat.   But a few days later I had the inspiration: Robot Chicken!  It's not quite Sci-fi, but it was close enough.  So the morning of Halloween I started my new Robot Chicken costume.  

This instructable will mainly describe how to make the rooster hat.  The Robot Chicken hat is made exactly the same way just with a different beak and with some tin-foil adornment.  I will also show a couple of the other very simple extra pieces I made.  The Robot Chicken costume in its entirety took about 5 or 6 hours to make (exclusive of purchasing the materials).

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Step 1: Gather your ingredients

Picture of Gather your ingredients
You will need:

Felt - yellow, white, red, black. I used mainly stiff felt produced by Eco-Felt.  I think you could use soft felt for the hat, but the beak and the comb need to be stiff.  The felt comes in roughly 8.5 x 11 sheets of which you will need 2 sheets to make the hat, 1 for the comb, and one for the beak.  Each sheet of stiff felt should be somewhere around 75 cents.  Soft felt will be cheaper.

Needle and Thread - regular and/or embroidery thread in a variety of colors that match the felt.

Tin Foil

Pipe Cleaners

Scissors, glue gun, scrap paper, something red and possibly sparkly

Step 2: Make the beak and comb

Picture of Make the beak and comb
Beak remnants.JPG
You definitely need to make the comb before the hat, but you can make the beak either before or after.  The comb is very simple:

1. Draw a comb that you like the shape of. 
2. Cut it out of felt.

The beak is slightly more complicated, as it requires sewing. 

1. Draw a beak shape you like
2. Cut it out of felt
3. Sew together the front of the beak so that it is bent in half (beak shaped).

nail face4 years ago
man i never would of thought of making a robot chicken mask! nice idea man