Step 5: I'm Dreaming of a White Robot.

In this step, you'll need your paintbrush, flex paste, and some fairly fine sandpaper.  Apply your paste over all of the robot, and allow it to dry for one or two hours.  Then sand your ornament smooth again, and add another layer.  Continue sanding and pasting until your robot is of sufficient smoothness for the glitter used in the next step to adequately cover the imperfections.  These will be the most apparent in the torso of the robot.
It looks like the instructibles robot<br />
It IS&nbsp;the Instructables Robot, in glitter-fabulous form!&nbsp;:)
<em>&quot;I'm Robot, dammit &quot; </em>or maybe RoboPatrick.<br />
I'm sorry, Cdad. I'm afraid I can't do that. :)
I&nbsp;love it! Especailly because of the glitter :D&nbsp;

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