Have you come up with your crazy costume for this Halloween?  Why not a robot!  Make a big entrance to this year's Halloween party with one of these costumes.  Be ready to bust a move when you take your spot on the dance floor and start grooving The Robot!
When first beginning my search for the most AWESOME Halloween costume ever created, I first wanted to pick something I've always loved... this lead to my childhood amore for Transformers which eventua...
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Shortly after I started making my life-size Alien Queen statue (http://www.instructables.com/id/Life-Size-Alien-Queen-Statue-from-Aliens/), I began to wonder if it would be possible to make a Power Lo...
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These costumes were a year in the making for the brainstorming, sketching, and designing followed by a three day cram session to get them built in time for our Halloween party. We always tend to go ov...
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In this instructable I will show you how to make a giant robot costume on a budget.  In total, the suit costed roughly 30-50$ and was made almost entirely out of cardboard.  It took me over two years ...
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Hey Guys!Have you ever gotten the overwhelming urge to build a freaky robot suit to scare your loved ones but just didn't know how? Friends, your troubles are over! We have a great tutorial here to cr...
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This is a costume I made for my 4 year old son. It's mainly made from cardboard and foam.
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The reasons why I wanted to make a robot suit are complex. To make a long story short, I wanted a costume that I could use to entertain my peers while they studiously prepared for final exams. But I d...
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Just some quick build ideas for a chicken walking robot
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Last Halloween I built a robot costume out of laundry detergent bottles, crutches, football shoulder pads, and several stoned days with a hot glue gun.
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This is the costume I made for Halloween of 2011. The design is based primarily on the design of the Cybermen from the 1967 serial entitled "The Moonbase". For a variety of reasons - some practical, s...
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This Instructable chronicles the build of a Halloween costume for my 11 year old son. You may already own most of these materials and tools. I did. Listed below are what I used, preceded by headings ...
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Hello Costumers, Cosplayers, and Sci-fi geeks. I have for you a quick and easy way to add some exciting lights to your sci-fi helmets. Not only will they Glow i the dark, and set your helmet apart fro...
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Hi guys:I always wanted my own Power Loader, APU, exosqueleton or Red Power Ranger's Battlizer. Well, I built my own exoskeleton using... TRASH!!! Plastic junk who comes from PVC pipes, a broken chair...
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How to make a LMFAO robot head
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This is a great costume for kids that can easily be made by kids! Just grab some cardboard, odds and ends and Makedo connectors and you can make your own unique robot!
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Take a break from Optimus Prime and take a shot at being Soundwave this Halloween.
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Sometimes you need to branch off of the traditional humanized robot and the ATAT Imperial Walker is the way to go!
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