Just a few pics of robots holiday to a wet caravan park in wales lol.
Not my most extravagant holiday but i forgot to take him to Thailand :P
A little old now but still. If Im not mistaken that beach is Rhossilli, I live less than 10 miles from there :) cool
haha yes it is !<br>my gran has one of those static caravan things as a holiday place, we used to go there quite a bit. its very beautiful
Where did you get that card from.
I live in Wales and it is more to it than cloud and dampness! I find it lovely!
A little random.
Hmm, these stickers look different.
i got them from the HQ because they really liked my paper robot ible :P
Looks great, I have not been to wales yet...
I don't see any whales...<br/><br/><sub>sorry</sub><br/>
lol apology accepted :D
Haha, you should have taken one of your <em>model</em> robots, and left him stood on the beach, just above the high-tide mark....<br/>
haha yea!, im thinking of doing a wooden rendition now :D

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