Picture of Give the gift of Robot Love
These little robots are magnetically drawn to each other and when kissing, they show there love by lighting up their throbbing hart.

When experimenting in building bobble head kissing dolls I came up with the idea of giving them a geeky twist.

Check out the video:

These robots are made with love and out of love …and the materials described below. They make a great Valentine gift to your true love or you can offer them to anyone deserving your robot love. You can however not sell them: love, even robot love is not for sale ;-)

I usually offer these as kits to be assembled by the recipient, as I love makers and I tend to encourage my “loved ones” into making. I prepare up until step 7 and refer to step 8 to 11 for the assembling. This way I bring Instructables to their attention (but of course my “loved ones” have heard of Instructables from me more than once). Making two complementary kits also allows offering a love robot to each individual in a couple.

The robots swing on an internal pivot point, with their weight distribution making them lean backwards, but only just. The attraction force of the magnets in their mouths overcomes this unbalance, making them lean forward on approach and kiss. Keeping all moving parts light helps to keep the movement back and forth smooth. Hence the idea of using ping-pong balls.

When using laser cutting it was easy to make the arms also serve as assembly tools (keys to M3 hex nuts), so no tools outside the kit are needed for assembly. I know that with laser cutting it is very feasible to make an assembly kit that doesn’t require any tools, but after a couple attempts to make a 2D cut pivot point I decided it was best to use a bolt for the main pivot axle. Furthermore, using bolts to keep the parts together also means the measurements are less critical and keeps open the option to contour saw the parts by hand.

The tittle is a tribute to the great Ible "Give the gift of Robot Invasion".

Note Februari 27th 2012: I corrected a large number of text errors, but there are probably quite a few still. English is not my native language. Please feel free to point out any mistakes.
thanks,good idea
Lazabeam2 years ago
You should try to sell DIY kits on Etsy, I know I would buy one
masynmachien (author)  Lazabeam2 years ago
Thanks, but they would turn out a bit expensive, I'm afraid.
I'm stil looking for ways to make them cheaper and less labour intensive.
I made a version with little work up to the point were I can present them as a kit:
But these cost about 45 EUR in materials and laser cutting for one pair.

But I will come back to you when I have newer versions.
steeltank2 years ago
this is a awesome project for someone you love. Anyway you can post a scan print out of the wooden arms, legs, and body? it's hard to judge distant from the hole to match up with the nuts and ping pong ball to make it fit without print out.
masynmachien (author)  steeltank2 years ago

There is a design in svg format attachred to step 1.
Svg can be opened in a browser or with freeware like Inkscape.
The design in the svg makes the robots slightly taller than the version in the pictures.
Do you need anything more? Putting the parts on the printer is not practical, as this would mean asking the robots back to dismantle them.

Good Luck!
Alancheng3 years ago
Nice project
masynmachien (author)  Husham Samir3 years ago
RoboJ.O3 years ago
Oh so creative!
masynmachien (author)  RoboJ.O3 years ago
ynze3 years ago
SUPER!!! Are you working on a version that kids can make?
masynmachien (author)  ynze3 years ago

From step 8 on, kids should be able to build it themselves, with some help for the younger ones.

I am thinking of simplyfying things for the complete build. My main challenge is an alternative sollution for the switch. I have a couple of ideas to test.

I'm also thinking of dropping the ping-pong balls alltogether and work with a completely acrylic assembly.

For kids, a solder free sollution would be very welcome too.

For myself I'm thinking of using a template to help drawing the faces, but for kids that is not the way I would go. On the contrary, they should be free to decorate as they wish.

I'm also thinking of rechargeable version. A solar cell could work, but I would rather add a third function to the magnet: next to the kissing, the switching, I would also like to use it in a "generator" as in a "shaker flashlight".
dur.sk83 years ago
so lovely, thanks
So cute and well documented. I love the way they clack when they kiss. :P
masynmachien (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago