Robot Monster Legs: Space Saving Art!





Introduction: Robot Monster Legs: Space Saving Art!

I originally made these for a compact mini PC. They make any appliance (or other object) that is about the size of a toaster into a fearsome looking walker, and at the same time, they allow you to use the space underneath!

Everyone who sees this in my home says the same thing after saying how weird, creepy or awesome they think it is; "don't those pointy feet scratch stuff up?" The answer is that they are melted round on the points using the welder but, yes, they could if it's a soft surface. If you're going to put this on a delicate surface put flat plates on the feet. It is made of scrap metal, and I encourage you to creatively use whatever scrap metal you have on hand if you choose to use this idea. Maybe rod legs with round plate feet, or square tube legs with valve heads for feet.



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    Looking back at this, I can't belive I sold that NES.

    Coffee pots are trying to take over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Good job

    Is it remote control, does it move? can you show how you built it?

    I'd like to see some sort of template for a leg - I bet the creative folk here could recreate these in all sorts of material.

    I kinda cut and welded it freehand, but I could sketch up some templates later on.

    That would help folk trying to match the proportions.

    Any excuse to give random appliances menacing legs.

    I wish I knew how to weld, or even had a welder...