This is a video for my entry into the Klutz elastic-band competition.

Here is the full instructable, Don't forget to vote !

I couldn't think of music that everyone liked so I just used the tetris song :P

Hope you like it !!
aw man! I realy wanted to see that video,but you closed your account. <br>not much I can do about it, though. :P
hey really it's coool...but i didn't understand the rubber band mechanism can u explain briefly plz....
the video worked for me
the videos not working
vid doesn't work :I
it does !, try closing and opening your browser again
publish it ASAP, the contest is open
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Robot_Racer/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Robot_Racer/</a><br/>
a great and impressive 5********************** seriously its great and i like the robot a great car but i can still drive better even though im 13<br/>
Haha, Thanks
Nice! Im waiting for it! Btw Nice Tetris song!
I cant wait to publish it ! Thanks
stop motion! I like it!
Thanks :P
Awesome 5*
Thanks !
He's a crazier driver than I am :P
Hahaha. did you see the look on his face at the start ! He's Crazy !
He had a very crazy look on his face
So cool. Waiting for the i'ble as patiently as I can.
Haha, thanks, soon soon
I can't wait for it. It looks so cool.
Watch it in High Quality it makes it much better !

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