Step 2: Cutting the Tube

The length of your Robot Racer is up to you,

You don't want it to be huge because then it wont go very far !

My tube is 18cm / 7.1 inches long.

Once you have decided on the length of your Robot Racer, mark it out on the tube using a pencil and cut it using either a craft knife or scissors depending on the thickness
<p>can i use a paper towel roll</p>
nice and too easy...
<p>this does not work</p>
<p>can you use rubber bands</p>
Very cute!
<p>congratulations </p>
<p>nice!! lol I didn't really make it but I will. consider it!!</p>
<p>So sweet!! :) </p>
<p>very simple and nice :) ,</p><p>but was it body only ??,</p><p>if it was complete robot i want to know more about it's content</p>
Hi tots cool
hey it's really good ..... i tried it ....... working well
it good
I agree, I could not understand the rubberband mechanism as well. It, didnt work for me at all...
Will you please make a video dont understand.
I don't understand what you mean at the end part on the rubber band mechanism.Nice video though!
Can someone please explain in DETAIL how to hook the rubber band to the axel, been trying for a while with no luck. <br><br>very much appreciate your help!
i like your car and now im playing with that so please give some mor ideas to me as im in a project of making a future magnetic car
or you could add a motor lol jk rofl
FYI!! It is Four not for
What do you mean by &quot;hook it around the axle&quot;? Plz help!
Awesome, would it work if i added 2 or more elastic bands to the drive mechanism
Good! I liked it!
THX! <br>I will try it with my boy
what is cardboard tube?can you show me?<br />
the cardboard tube when you finish a toilet paper roll, or paper towel roll, or gift wrap
You could also add more wait to the back for better traction
how will this thing work???
The rubber band, it works off of elastic energy, when the car is pulled back (or the wheels spun in reverse) The rubber band that was added in step 9 is fixed in plase, the rubber band wraps around the rear axel which causes tension, when the wheel is released (you let it go) the rubebr band pulls backward unwraping the rubber band which causes the wheel to spin.<br />
Im still unsure how this works. Is the rubberband tied to the back axle? is it twisted in anyway. Ive just tied the rubberband like a loop around the back axle and the front stick(thats protruding from the body of the vehicle,(and it doesn't seem to work. PLEASE HELP<br /> please be as descriptive as you can in the instructions<br /> thanks!<br />
What camera/editing software do you use? it looks like HD
please comment cuz i find that most of the comments i leave dont get replied to. ^hurry^ ^please^ ^LOL^
no you dont have to :)<br />
hey do u cut the rubber band bfore u put it on???i will do this instructible as soon as i can.^^cuz^^ ^^its^^ ^^awesome^^ ^^!^<br />
could i use the tubing from paper towels
this really cool im gonna make a lamborghini
this is freaken awesome!!!
That's a nifty little toy! Maybe even put a model rocket motor in the aft end, use a long screw through the body about 1 1/2" from the end to keep it from just shooting through the body...Just an idea.
this is really really cool.
So simple and so cute...thanx
I made one( not as good as yours) but mine is black with red flames wheels are a bit uneven and im workin on the rubber band part!
Hi, It would be really helpful to have a good closeup of the rubber band attachment mechanism on the drive axle. Great instructable!
i like it (: haha i got d and t project and i need to find three different kind of cars!!! wth -.- but you helped me with one thanks a lot dude (:
awww it looked sooo good
what do you mean "looked" lol
lol he meant his english is lousy =X lol jkjk<br/>
I'm glad you won this thing is FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks :P
a litte bit late I posted like a month ago
Made one of these for fun, using straws before the dowel rod, and a piece of PVC pipe for the frame. Used soda-bottle caps for the front wheels placed all the way forward, and milk-jug caps for the rear wheels. Though, on mine, the band broke, so I'm trying to get a way to make it work again. I'm thinking Battery time...

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