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Introduction: Robot Rampage

I built this for the Stage Play An Evening of Steampunk and Robot Theatre . This is a test video I shot with some amusing bumpers. The robot is constructed from Buckets, trash cans and various bits of recycling I had around the house.



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    I just had to favourite this :D Quite litterally amusing. The robot and the video are both well done :D

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    Thank you Pennyf24 for taking the time to comment. I was in a suit (hot!!) and my wife did all the video production. We had fun making the bot and the video and he has had many local adventures (I loan him out often) . I'll be posting more stuff up shortly. I just finished a Clockwork brain for a stage production that might amuse you. I get working on it. Thank you again for making me a favorite.

    yes your very welcome! This was amusing and I will look forward to seeing anything else you have... I think it is cool that this robot has had lots of adventures. :D

    He has shown up in a play and gone about town a few times. I get requests for people to borrow him every few months.

    And we all know that this is NOT the end of Charles Dexter Ward.... He'll be back!
    (I hear the dogs howling now...)