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Each robot is handmade by me. Polymer clay is shaped into robotic goodness, beads added for eyes and wire woven into springs that make the neck, arms & legs (coiling gizmo rocks). After baking, multiple coats of varnish are brushed on for protection and shiny delight. Including, "Grungy Bot" series: naughty robots that are up to no good and Garden Robots, they guard your garden WAY better than gnomes. All sculptures created and copyrighted © by HerArtSheLoves. All rights reserved worldwide. Reproduction in any form without written permission of the artist is prohibited by law.


foreverdisturbed (author)2011-04-26

Very Cool, I will have to try and make some with my son.

Thank you, geeky robot love should be a family thing!

peace, love, art (author)2011-04-26

Awwe, so adorable! These guys just replaced Roly Poly Oly in my category for cutest robot. Nice work!

Roly Poly Oly! Oh my! Thank you so much.

happyjo (author)2011-04-17

These are superb! I absolutely love them!

HerArtSheLoves (author)happyjo2011-04-18

Thank you so much, I'm blushing. Instructables folks have been awesome.

neetz (author)2011-03-30

how did you make these so good? they are sooooo cute!
it probably took a long time to make them.

HerArtSheLoves (author)neetz2011-03-30

Thank you, some take a few hours, others a few days! Waiting for the robots to cool after baking, painting and glazing taking the longest.

kazmataz (author)2011-03-29

These robot sculptures are fantastic!

HerArtSheLoves (author)kazmataz2011-03-29

Thank you, this is my first submission to Instructables and a contest. Hope I'm doing everything right. Keep being awesome!

BunnyM (author)2013-10-18

These are some of the best clay figures I've ever seen!

HerArtSheLoves (author)BunnyM2013-10-21

Thank you so much! Even though I've made over 500 of them and over or so have been adopted into good and loving geeky homes, I'll still keep sculpting.


elfreaky (author)2012-05-13

Hi, I've loved your robots, an engineer friend's birthday, inspiring in your work, I made ​​two fridge magnets.

Thanks for sharing your creations on instructables

ivan greetings

HerArtSheLoves (author)elfreaky2012-05-14


Thanks! The bots are cute.


GenteDeMassinha (author)2011-09-28

They are lovely!!! Now, like mslaynie, i want to make it too :D

Thank you so much. I blush.

mslaynie (author)2011-08-17

I love these!! You definitely have your own style, and these little guys have so much personality!! You've got me inspired, and I'm sitting here at midnight considering getting my clay and pigments out! BAD!! Need SLEEP, not robots!!

.... but I need robots TOO!!! :D

chicopluma (author)2011-08-06

the design and painting is awsome

Thank you! I love my little robots, worn every bit of paint I have to scrub of my hands after making one. :)

rocketsurgery (author)2011-06-25

These are so fun! Thanks for sharing... fabulous photos by the way!

Thank you so much, making the robots is awesome, but the photography is often a challenge... they just won't stand still sometimes. ;)

poofrabbit (author)2011-05-05

Did you bake the wire in or did you glue them into place? How about the beads? I'm guessing they are glass? What kind of glaze did you use. These are just plain cool, I'm dying to know your process. Fantastic work!


Thank you so much. It actually varies from robot to robot and style to style. Garden Robots need a different finish than Grungy Bots and so on. Gloss or matte is decided on how I feel at the time. Eyes usually go in before baking, unless the robot is being naughty that day.

Trying fill out my Making Of: Behind the Scenes section of my flickr set to show off more:

Also have a little video: "What it takes to make a Robot?"

- HerArtSheLoves


njordan (author)2011-04-28

This might sound silly, but how do I vote?

HerArtSheLoves (author)njordan2011-04-28

Not silly, seems voting has just closed. Will find out if I'm a finalist soon, if not, it's been a darn fun ride! :)

MattGyver92 (author)2011-04-26

This caught my attention. I love robots. Despite my usual preference for more rigid and anatomical robots, I love these because they show so much character and emotion (which is difficult to achieve in something like a robot)! The varnish gives them a great shine as well. These would make great gifts or Christmas ornaments! Keep up the amazing work!

Much thanks for all the kind words. I think the robots are evolving and get better and better. I'm going to hug a few robots now with geeky delight.

thepelton (author)2011-04-27

these are cute. You should find a local Science Fiction Convention with an art show attached, and show them off.

HerArtSheLoves (author)thepelton2011-04-28

Oh, thank you! That would be awesome. Maybe one day! :)

asporkable (author)2011-04-27

I recently bought one of these for my wife for our 2 year anniversary. She loved it! We'll be adopting more for sure!

You, sir are awesome! Thanks for commenting

Janit (author)2011-04-26

*Wave! Wave!* You keep getting better and better, Mel! Loving the new finishes too! ;o)

HerArtSheLoves (author)Janit2011-04-26

Ha! *waves* I dunno, garden robots are pretty awesome. ;)

Honus (author)2011-03-31

These are amazing!! I bet they would sell like crazy on Etsy.

HerArtSheLoves (author)Honus2011-03-31

Thank you! The robots do okay, but more adoptions are always welcome.

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