Step 14: Batteries

Put your batteries into the battery holder.

Now, when you touch the tweezers anywhere on the aluminum foil, the LEDs should light up and the buzzer should buzz.
Can you do it without the screws?
I'm a bit confused on the circuitry...do you have a schematic I could follow?
Wire from bolt --&gt; Positive 4.5V <br> <br>Positive wires from LEDs --&gt; one side of resistor <br> <br>Positive wires from buzzer &amp; wire from tweezers --&gt; other side of resistor <br> <br>All ground wires --&gt; Just connect them all together. <br> <br>When the tweezers touch the foil, it connects the bolt wire and the tweezer wire, sending electricity through the resistor and into the LED and buzzer. <br> <br>Hope this helps. <br> <br>Adam
The attached .eps file is just an outline, not an actual colored robot. And where do you get the operation pieces? <br> <br>Great job on the instructable! <br> <br>Adam
Awesome! Will be making this soon!
This might be a good starting point for a PICAXE project. Each opening could be isolated and connected to a different input. You could then program the PICAXE to keep scores for Player 1 and 2, or you could make the game harder by telling the player which item they must lift next. <br> <br>I might use this idea with my students. They can bring in the old nokia ringtone tunes, their choice of patient etc. Very cool! <br> <br>All the software can be developed as flowcharts.
yes doctor.....there's my gear and i pain!!!
Love it! I'll be on the lookout for an old Operation game at a yard sale.
Wow, cool idea.
This is better than the original game!<br>

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