My idea for this project came from the video below. After watching it I had to build my own version.

My version does not work nearly so well. Being strapped for cash at the moment I decided to see what I could build with odds and ends around the house and parts left over from other projects. This was really fun to make and I hope to improve on it later. 

Step 1: Tools/Materials

Soldering iron
Scroll saw (Any method to cut wood would work)
Hot Glue Gun

Reynolds Vacuum sealer
Futaba Servos (modified)
Gears - from old remote controlled car
12" latex balloon
Spindle - from hard drive
Controller - from Erector set
1/4 inch clear tubing
Loctite repair putty
Steel wire
Zip ties
Hot glue sticks
Wooden Shim
Wire mesh strainer
Alligator clips
Great job. I love the way you made your gripper. Very innovative and creative. Keep up the great work.
Thanks. The real credit goes to the guys at Cornell. I just used their great idea.
It is really enjoyable I like it very much.
<p>how you are controlling servo,, just tel me that ???</p>
Did you see my project? <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Universal-Gripper-Syringe-Powered/ <br>To make it mobile or just consume less power, I worked out using a horse syringe as the vacuum source. <br>Nice job connecting this to a robot arm!
I saw yours. I like your build.
works very good!
I agree with kelseymh, you are so talented and imaginative!
That's awesome! There's at least one other I'ble on making the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Universal-Gripper-Syringe-Powered/" rel="nofollow">suction gripper</a> -- you might see if their method could be adapted to your project.
Thanks, I had not seen that other project.

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