Picture of Robot arm with coffee gripper
Robot Arm 015.JPG
My idea for this project came from the video below. After watching it I had to build my own version.

My version does not work nearly so well. Being strapped for cash at the moment I decided to see what I could build with odds and ends around the house and parts left over from other projects. This was really fun to make and I hope to improve on it later. 

Step 1: Tools/Materials

Picture of Tools/Materials
Soldering iron
Scroll saw (Any method to cut wood would work)
Hot Glue Gun

Reynolds Vacuum sealer
Futaba Servos (modified)
Gears - from old remote controlled car
12" latex balloon
Spindle - from hard drive
Controller - from Erector set
1/4 inch clear tubing
Loctite repair putty
Steel wire
Zip ties
Hot glue sticks
Wooden Shim
Wire mesh strainer
Alligator clips
Great job. I love the way you made your gripper. Very innovative and creative. Keep up the great work.
ehudwill (author)  biochemtronics3 years ago
Thanks. The real credit goes to the guys at Cornell. I just used their great idea.

how you are controlling servo,, just tel me that ???

techiebot3 years ago
Did you see my project?
To make it mobile or just consume less power, I worked out using a horse syringe as the vacuum source.
Nice job connecting this to a robot arm!
ehudwill (author)  techiebot3 years ago
I saw yours. I like your build.
Gydoko3 years ago
works very good!
ehudwill (author)  Gydoko3 years ago
dhaw3 years ago
I agree with kelseymh, you are so talented and imaginative!
kelseymh3 years ago
That's awesome! There's at least one other I'ble on making the suction gripper -- you might see if their method could be adapted to your project.
ehudwill (author)  kelseymh3 years ago
Thanks, I had not seen that other project.