These are some of my sister's (7yrs) robot drawings.
Awwwwww so cute
"evrey penguin whars a instructabl-e shirt" PRICELESS! Is it for sale?
It is if your interested
um... and what exactly is the point of this? just saying, it isn't exactly artistic enough, or really even close, for people to develope a sense of art from it. so... yeah...
7 years. Don't insult the 7 yr old.
Wow. That's cool. She's pretty good.
have you seen me before? i like instructables comment and stuff, but i havent made a good instructable.. yet. i need an idea. got one?
That's pretty cool. Your sister is going to be way into instructables soon. Actually, it looks like she already is. Can't wait to see her first instructable.
Haha, cool, glad to see that your sister is interested in the Instructables Robot. But not me. :'( Just kidding hahaha.
Thanks! Maybe in a few years she will start posting stuff on here!
She is obsessed with the robot. I'm pretty sure she will post something.
*Shouts wildly at the staff* Great job at making such a good mascot! My favorite has to be the mashup contest... ahh robot love!
Haha, you should get her interested in electronics or something, so she is ready to post Instructables.
Awww, cute.<br/><br/>Seriously, though, put her off now - <em>save her!</em><br/>
Thanks! I'll tell her you liked it.
It's like lolcats. Not as cute, but definitely interesting. "It is new year so can I have a Lasr Kuter???"
cool, tell your little sister she did a great job in these drawings! i cant even draw like that. i like the linux penguin with an instructables shirt. haha -gamer
Thanks! I'll tell her. I didn't think it would get this much attention. My personal favorites are the penguin and the robot with the 1st place award saying "BORING"
Nice dude, your kid has skilzz
Thanks! My sister draws pretty good for her age.
Nice.. instructable?
Thanks! Sorry, but there isn't much to explain

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