Picture of Robot for the Office

Tele-Presence (sort of) robot for the office. Work from home and yet attend the boring meetings. Scare vendors into telling the truth about their products. Chase tiny children when they come to the office for the Hallowe'en or Christmas parties.

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Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

Picture of Gather Tools and Materials

(1) [$3 - $70] RC truck with beefy motor; I used one of these: GT Cross Land Racer (NOTE: you can also find many RC trucks cheap at garbage sales, the Goodwill, and the ARC)

(1 ea) [$39] Raspberry Pi with ($9) 8G Class 10 memory card, ($0)Raspian Image, ($10) Edimax WiFi dongle, ($11) Sony Playstation Eye Camera

(1) [$1.25] 7293D motor controller chip ($1.25) (NOTE: get two because, well you know)

(1) [$8] Set of 22g wires (M/M, F/F, M/F)

(1) [$10 for 5] Lil' tiny breadboard

(1) [$9] Breadboard jumper kit (these are GREAT)

(1) [$0.26] 4AA Battery holder and 4AA batteries (for the L293D chip)

(1) [$25] 5v USB rechargeable battery (for the Raspberry Pi)

(1) [$19 optional] 9V rechargeable battery (for motors, if your truck didn't come with one)

(2) [$0.45 ea] On/Off switch (one for L293D battery power, and one for motor battery power)

(1) Shoebox

(1) Popcorn Tin (or high Tupperware bowl/w lid)

(3) Strips Velcro

(x) Lil' tiny screws

(1) Lipstick, chalk, paint

(1) Roll duct tape

(1) Drill, 1/16" drill bit

(1) Lil' tiny Phillips-head screw driver

(1) X-acto knife

(1) Scissors

(1) Wire cutter

Step 2: (A note about RC vehicles)

Picture of (A note about RC vehicles)

Just FYI

  • The bigger the better
  • The bigger does not necessarily mean more power, though
  • Truck varieties usually have better clearance
  • Usually the bigger the $ the better (more powerful) (like above $25)
  • The rock climbers are really powerful but don't make good robots because they twist and jostle too much, they just aren't stable enough for taller robots

Step 3: Strip RC Vehicle

Picture of Strip RC Vehicle

This will vary on your model, but there should be 4 or 5 lil' tiny screws that hold a plastic froo-froo truck-looking plastic blob on top of the base chassis.

Take this off and you'll wind up with something like this.

Mr. Fuzzy scares me, but I like his style.

dA SQuiD1 year ago


MovieMaker1 year ago

That was Too Cute!! Bravo!! Ha!Ha!Ha!

bob30301 year ago
Fun project. Thanks for Sharing.