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9 months ago I was on vacation in Disneyland, I was on the adult side drinking peach daiquiris and chatting with Goofy about how Disney should have cage matches when he recommends that I ride Space Mountain. Now I usually don't get upset, but I had already been on Space Mountain about 4 times already, and really I wasn't in the mood to hear any more of that dogs silly jimmer-jammer. I left Paradise Island and went roaming around the park. I must have passed out somewhere along the way because when I woke up I was by Epcot Centre with one of the animatronic characters from It's A Small World and a bag of Doritos. Not wanting to wake my new friend I quietly slipped away and escaped the park. On the flight home later that week I though I had closed a very confusing chapter of my life, until I heard a knock on my door.

I open the door and am confronted by a mess of eyes, wires, and legs. What proceeded was a story of how Esmeralda and I had conceived a love child on that night under the Epcot dome, and she had abandoned him on my doorstep to take care of. Personally I think this is a little unfair as Disneyland has much more to offer then I do, but he's here now and I'm trying to manage. He like eating and, well, that's it really, he eats. He likes printer toner, circuit boards, bugs, and if I'm not watching he'll eat my fingers!

The tricky part is he doesn't sleep, so I'm trying to find out when his downtime is so I can stuff him in a box and send him back to Disneyland.


M.C. Langer (author)2014-08-20

This is beautiful, Mike!!!

krujh2 (author)2009-08-29

Mine was always flying around my room, leaving me at peace until he flew into my tv and drilled a hole right through it. After all the peace and quiet, I got mad so I chained him up with the miniature chains and attached a knex shackle to him. By the way he is made of knex.

krujh2 (author)krujh22009-08-29

And he's sitting right next to me.

krujh2 (author)krujh22009-08-29

and now i'm un chaining him because my tv is fixed.

mohnish (author)2009-07-18

The Instructables robot, the beloved mascot of

VogelYogel (author)2008-12-11

Heh, I like yours. I did a similar thing, except I assembled some leftover lego robot pieces and gave him wheels and little red lights that make him light up. His name is Pintsize. He looks incredibly evil in the night-time. My dog is afraid of him. The creepy thing is, last night, I heard an odd whirring noise, but I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. I woke up this morning and the dog had been gutted and filled with marshmallows. I'm afraid to go to sleep.

Notbob (author)VogelYogel2009-02-05

Pintsize, eh? Me thinks someone reads Questionable Content.... Could you post a few pictures of your, anthro PC, i mean robot?

fordman15243 (author)Notbob2009-07-18


golddigger1559 (author)2009-02-05

oh my god I saw one of these things staring at my house last night, does yours have any friend or cousins in Ohio????? btw are they naturally hostile cause it killed all the muskrats in our pond, it left a big mess....bodies everywhere its a massacre man

Koil_1 (author)2008-11-17

Next step... Laser toting security driod with a proximity RFID sensor. Walk in without the proper RFID tag and you just might get burnt. It's more or less a friend or foe system I'm working on. Poor little guy still needs some coding on it's seek AI. It keeps trying to run over the cat. Admittedly it is hysterically funny to watch it chase the animal. It's basically an RC tank without the radio control (except for WiFi for programming and viewing it's cameras)

gmoon (author)2008-06-22

Nice. I like his beaker-esq expression.

mikeasaurus (author)gmoon2008-06-22

thanks gmoon! He turned out this way mostly because he's cylindrical, but it turned out ok! He's actually based on this idea I had after a night of too many perogies and homemade wine:

chriskarr (author)mikeasaurus2008-10-10

I thought you said it was peppermint schnapps?

forcryinoutlouddrummer (author)2008-06-25

Oooooooooooooooooookay... well, its a bit of a farfetched backround story (you could have come up with aomething a little more realistic). however, very nice piece of artwork and very nice slideshow.

I bet he could have come up with something more realistic... ...but what do you want? Really, do you want him to lie? I put all the circuit boards and fans and ports together in a manner similar to what that little guy has, and, what-do-ya-know? I have a little robot following me around. Granted he's slow, the l.e.d.s and the laser are very intimidating. He just sat by my T.V., last night. All night. I didn't know what he was doing, but I assumed he was finding information. The bugger's learning. I came out of the bathroom, this morning, and he had burnt a hole in the T.V.! I'm afraid to look, but I think he grew a heat-sink for the laser...

1up (author)2008-06-25

Awesome robot! I'd like to build one, what are the legs made out of?

1up (author)1up2008-06-25

And can I get a better picture of the top of that guy?

mikeasaurus (author)1up2008-06-26

It took me while to catch him as once he starts chewing on the cooling radiator on the back of the fridge he's pretty much possessed. I managed to toss him out in the open and hold him down with my foot and snap this of his top:

1up (author)mikeasaurus2008-06-27

:P Thanks, he sounds like a vicious guy. How can you handle it?

1up (author)1up2008-06-29

Okay, I have all the parts needed to make one, except a camera lens for an eye. Any idea where I could get one?

Nyanman (author)1up2008-07-01 use a cheap junky common lens. photographers won't ever forgive you if you use a rare or expensive one. trust me on this :)

mikeasaurus (author)Nyanman2008-07-02

Good call. I asked him where his lens came from, at first he just started buzzing and whirring, then he settled down a bit after I gave him an old circuit board to chew on. I was able to sneak a peek at some lettering on the lens itself and it's from a photocopier. Good luck!

1up (author)mikeasaurus2008-07-02

Thank you, great info, and thanks for the good wishes. Not to bug you (or him) with questions, but could you guess what his legs are made out of? That'll be all I'll need. :)

mikeasaurus (author)1up2008-07-03

Hmmm just by looking I'd say it's some kind of bent metal. Though he looks a little unstable when he gets excited and starts running around my apartment bonking into things. Maybe it's like a fawn when it's born: weak and underdeveloped muscles making sporadic movements just to stay upright. I hope that when this little guy grows up he gets stiffer legs, something that can actually support that massive 'eye' that he keeps starting at me with. Creepy

Nyanman (author)mikeasaurus2008-07-03

umm... he might eat you if he does grow bigger.

mikeasaurus (author)Nyanman2008-07-03

Good call, I'll smother him with a rag of ether and chain him to the bathtub when I get home. I wonder if the SPCA will take him...

Nyanman (author)mikeasaurus2008-07-04

yea sure... euthanasia probably won't work, and who might adopt him?

1up (author)mikeasaurus2008-07-03

Do you think you guys will ever be better buddies?

1up (author)Nyanman2008-07-02

I looked, I couldn't find one. :/

Nyanman (author)1up2008-07-02

tranquilizer gun maybe? feed him until he's sleepy and slow? how do you handle him?

acer73 (author)2008-06-22

Thats actually a pretty cool sculpture, If I saw it I'd buy it in a heart beat and place the bot on my desk. Her name would be Doris.

Nyanman (author)acer732008-07-03

make one

Nyanman (author)2008-07-02 the window... maybe he needs electricity to digest food and he gets it through solar power? then close him in a dark room, he can't digest food, and BAM!!! he'll go into standby mode or shutdown until there is adequate light. i think i just found is weakness. :-) DNA test him while you're at it, might prove he is or isn't yours

Nyanman (author)2008-07-02

and he eats photocopier toner? what brand? color or black toner?

killerjackalope (author)2008-06-22

Wow great slideshow, I like the back story aswell, something I would think of, or do, I mean eh... Ack too late now, I've been wondering where to send my pepe to school, see on one crazy night out there was an altercation between me and a roomba and myself, a few weeks later I'm just chlling when this roomba rolls up, drops what I thought was a random component, wheels away off and I pick up this little chip, next day it's bigger and seems to have new components, now he's growing so fast, yesterday he got his first wireless antenna...

fwjs28 (author)killerjackalope2008-06-26

they grow up so fast!!yesterday he was running on DC now hes totalls grown and becomee AC!!!weep weep.....

killerjackalope (author)fwjs282008-06-26

Oh mines just gotten his first high voltage transformer I'm so proud...

fwjs28 (author)killerjackalope2008-06-27

mine just coded himself with a new program to digg my yard looks like mines went off in it....snifff weep weeeeep.........just this morning he was talking c++ to my toaster and eyeing up my computers sound in jack(he's only three.....)and last week he got his first eddie current machine to sort different types of scrap so i could afford to feed him......ooooo weeep weeep snifffle(blows nose) so proud

killerjackalope (author)fwjs282008-06-27

Mine jumped right on the xbox, oh the mess... that and only a teenager now he's expecting handhelds...

fwjs28 (author)killerjackalope2008-06-28

i know i gav mine new LED eyes and now he hasnt said or done anything with my toaster tv or computer becuase he's realized they are either out of his leauge or ugly......

Nyanman (author)fwjs282008-07-02

mine just pulls trucks up hills. big ford trucks. and crashes through houses. steel framed houses. and concrete walled ones. use starter motors for the drive motors.

Nyanman (author)2008-06-26

neat. question-is it just a static model or does it actually do something? cuz if it does something i might want to build it.

mikeasaurus (author)Nyanman2008-06-26

Well he bites, growls, and doesn't like it when I shut him in the refrigerator. He also manages to run out the door every time I open it, and for some reason my toaster has a bunch of holes in it, maybe he's having an affair with it. I dunno. He also digs. I've attached a picture of him trying to bore his way through my floor into the basement, maybe to escape, maybe just to see what's below his feet. I know I've done that before, just dig and dig, until you find that giant underground power cable and just keep on digging, then the sun goes down and you keep dogging, yeah. Then when the sun comes up you realize that your pretty far down and you can't climb back out, then that jerk neighbour finds you telling and doesn't call for help and you're stuck down there for like three days eating bugs. I mean.. maybe. I dunno, he's a robot after all, maybe he just like digging. What am I a robot psychologist, a robologist?

Nyanman (author)mikeasaurus2008-07-01

lol that's great. maybe i should give my robot the personality of yours. do you mind?

fwjs28 (author)mikeasaurus2008-06-27

a vhs player with ps/2 mouse/keyboard port?and possibley a laser...and looks like a fan as well....hmmmmm a mouseboardfantape reader?!?!a rare find for today!!

Sandisk1duo (author)2008-06-22

Nice, too bad its not very functional

mikeasaurus (author)Sandisk1duo2008-06-26

ummm ... did you even read the intro to this? Look once I told him what you said he pretty much went ballistic, I only just now managed to lock him in the bathroom and pick the monitor up off the floor.

Ok, so he's not perfect, and maybe I'm not a good parent. Maybe Peppermint Schnapps isn't the best weapon of choice when staying at Disneyland. I'm not an expert, what's important is that my bathroom is lockable from teh outside, and he's got a place to cool off for a bit.

Listen, just tone it down ok? He's sensitive, and what do you expect?! I'd be messed too if I grew up in an amusement park.

Sandisk1duo (author)mikeasaurus2008-06-26

tell him i'm sorry! (but seriously) tell him i'm, sorry while your at it, compliment him on his awesome hot glue

whitish (author)2008-06-24


NetReaper (author)2008-06-23

Set it on fire...

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