Robotic Arm


Introduction: Robotic Arm

Materials busy
-4 nuts (1/2)
-37 screws (3mm x to 1 inch)
-2 screws (5mm x 1/2pulgada)
-1 servo 6 kg
-2 servos 3.2 kg
-2 servos one kg
-Two aluminum angles 5cm x 5cm
-Two angles 2cm x 2cm aluminum
-3 aluminum joints
-Two aluminum plates 4.8 cm x 30cm
-Two aluminum plates 4.8 cm x 18.3cm
-Wooden Base 30cm x 30cm
-Aluminum plate 14.5cm x 16cm
-Ptr 5cm x 5cm x 5cm
-5 potentiometers 5kg
-5 strips of 3-wire
-2m cable to breadboard
-8 screws (2mm x 1/2 in.)
-37 nuts 3mm
-4 nuts 2mm
-Tapon pvc 6 inches
-Arduino Mega2560
-electric Power
-4 cocks
-Duct tape
-Screwdriver (flat cross)

This project arises from the interest shown by controlling a power Logico Circuit (PLC) controlled mechanical arm.



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