Robotic Arm (Wichita State Robotics)





Introduction: Robotic Arm (Wichita State Robotics)

Hello, I am Austin Crane and i am the president of a Robotics Team at Wichita State University. This semester was the first official semester that RIG ( Robotic Implementations Group) was a registered student organization. Because we were so new to the Student Government and the politics of Student Organizations we decided to make a project that would give us some hype around our school. After making our first project we have gained several members and have also become well known around campus. We are always looking for friends to join us and talk about things we do which made instructables very appealing for our team. If you would like to learn how to make this project feel free to contact me through comments and we can start making a step by step instructable. 

Check out a video of it operating on Vimeo



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This is SUPER COOL! Mind if you could send me some instructions. Love from Malaysia.

Hi I graduated with a BSEE in 1965 from WSU. Been retired now for 7 years

sorry for the late reply, we made this with arduino uno amd using some pretty simple code. I could send you some instructions if you would like. this post was mainly to show off our start up at my college.

I'm completly sorry for the late reply i just read this that will be so appreciated!