This project shows you how to make a robotic bird that drinks water.

You will need:
 - gear box kit
 - 2 mm wire
 - 0.2 mm wire
 - 9 V battery
 - used 1.5 V battery or adjustable power supply (not over used because you still need some power)
 - 9 V DPDT relay (12 V relay can work with 9 V if it is new)
 - two 2N2222 or BC327 transistors
 - two 2N2907A or BC337 transistors (you can use a TIP41C power transistor to drive the relay instead of 2N2907A/BC337)
 - two 2.2 kohm resistors
 - four 22 kohm resistors
 - one 220 kohm resistor
 - one1N4002 diode
 - soldering iron
 - wires (many colours)

Step 1: Assemble to Gearbox

Assemble to gearbox. Choose 344.2:1 gear ratio, which is maximum power and lowest speed.
There are contact sensors triggering the flip-flop circuit. Please look closely at the circuit.

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