Picture of Robotic Eye
Hello, This time I will show an application of the infrared sensor module with Arduino.

This module (composed of a pair of LEDs, a infrared transmitter and a receiver and an IC that generates a frequency modulated) is generally used to detect obstacles in robots.

This module has some advantages over a simple LED emitting LEDs with a photodetector. The principal, in this case is that the emission frequency is modulated, preventing ambient light makes the receiver detect the wrong signal. Also, the construction module that facilitates interconnection and didactic use with the Arduino.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
- An Arduino board

- A sensor shield board

- 3 infrared sensor modules

- A standard servomotor

- A Styrofoam ball

- wires

LesPicard11 months ago

MAneiro. Gostei mt

PeckLauros (author)  LesPicard10 months ago


J-Five2 years ago
Great for Halloween!!!
J-Five J-Five2 years ago
By placing it in a hallowed toy skull rig the eyes to move when someone tries to get some candy!!!
J-Five2 years ago
PeckLauros (author)  J-Five2 years ago
I meant to say "EYE SEE YOU!"
Nadr0j2 years ago
Looks awesome and like a lot of fun. I'd love to give this a try.

As a beginner to Arduino, could you take some time to explain the code to me? It looks somewhat simple but includes some functions I may not be familiar with.
PeckLauros (author)  Nadr0j2 years ago
Hi ! Welcome to Arduino's World!
Im a beginner too. I will try to explain it to you (inside the code above) but my english is a little poor.
temduke583 years ago
I am trying to find the parts for this project. Was wondering where the parts could be found for reasonable prices. The sensors are difficult to find.
PeckLauros (author)  temduke583 years ago
Hi Below is the list of items I bought.

Arduino Board:

Sensor Sheild:

BreadBord Wires:

Infrered Sensors:

I appreciate the info. Looking forward to building this project! Thanks!!
PeckLauros (author)  temduke583 years ago
OK. Then show us some pictures as soon as possible
Will do. Ordering the parts very soon.
You should put a wireless camera inside the eyeball!
PeckLauros (author)  Adambowker983 years ago
Good idea!