Picture of Robotic Talking Turret
Here I will show you an overview on how to make a robotic talking turret, loosely based off of the turrets from the popular game, Portal. This instructable should help anyone wanting to do an animatronics project.

For more detailed pictures, go to:

This project require some experience with tools, electronic circuits, and maybe a little programming.

Here is a sample video of the turret:
Here is the completed turret:

Let's get started!

Note: This turret was NOT designed to be very good at tracking and shooting - it's more for show than functionality. If you are one of those people who have nothing better to do than criticize other people's Instructables, just close the screen.
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Step 1: Electronics Pt 1: Overview

Picture of Electronics Pt 1: Overview
A "smart" animatronics project needs a brain - in this case, a programmable microcontroller. I will be using a Roboduino, a modification of the popular Arduino microcontroller. The Arduino microcontroller uses easy to use Arduino software that is simple to understand for novice programmers. The Roboduino can be bought from Curious Inventor for around $40, and the various Arduinos can be bought from around $30.

There are plenty of Arduino Instructables here, I would reccomend reading through them if you are unfamiliar with them.

I used a lot of breakaway headers and hook-up wire to make all the connections to the Roboduino.
mrmerino2 years ago
RadioShack sells these recording modules: you hit record, do your sound, and when you hit play it plays the sound recorded.
Ezzi32 years ago
why don't you use a cheap mp3 player that uses sd cards and wire it up to the arduino board? there are loads of tutorials from instructables
RPisces3 years ago
This is really neat. One question though:

Where did you get the Portal audio samples? Can you post a link or something? That would be helpful for us users who want to do something like this!

If you have the non-steam version of portal, you can go into the files installed on your computer and find all the audio samples.
its also on the steam version
You should now try to make it look and sound like one from the game and have the doors swing open when someone sets it off.
yeah, it should say "Are you still there?" and "I see you" It would really freak someone out.
Dannne114 years ago
Can u made a tutorial how to make it from the begin??
cucumber2885 years ago
do you need sound i just want to make one that fires
Helzacat5 years ago
Can you make the turret ado fier
Hill05 years ago
Would it be possible to use webcam instead of stampy method? :D
Kush_Slayer5 years ago
portal win
MovieMaker5 years ago
Sorry, I did not see the code.
RazorConcepts (author)  MovieMaker5 years ago
Sorry no schematic, though. I didn't use one... just kind of threw things together with the Roboduino. Nothing was complicated, just hooked up some servos, leds, transistors, etc. I guess the wave shield was the most confusing but it's all on the ladyada web site.
MovieMaker5 years ago
How about schematics and codes?
Heliosphan5 years ago
Brilliant work! Well done! This must be the first gun turret I've seen with real character, even if it is taken from Portal, so what, it works great. The Arduino is well coded to give it great character. I was somewhat disappointed though that it doesn't make the loud alert bleeping sound when knocked over, as they do in the game. In Portal it gets all confused and shoots for a short while too before making a shutting down sound - as far as I can remember. Would be great to add that - should be quick to change the wave files, nudge nudge ;-) One thing though, If I'd have programmed it, I would have cut down the random chatter, just not speaking so often to cut down on the annoyance factor. Other than these very little gripes, awesome job!
flaresam5 years ago
I am soooo building this! I luv portal!
abzman20005 years ago
I had a sorta wacky idea, why not use some of the portal turret code in this project, have it pan around with an infra red camera, ultrasonic sensors (or that range finder) then, when it sees a person it triggers the same movement and speech code as the game (with the same sound files)
RazorConcepts (author)  abzman20005 years ago
Hmm I might try that some day. But for now this turret is done, spent too much time on it so now I'm bored of it.
I might try to make this(good work on your turret project)