Step 8: The Finished Card

As soon as the glue was dry, I had myself a fun little business card!

Where next? I'm considering trying to make a set of five business cards that combine to form a Voltron-like robot... This one might take a while.
<p>Really interesting!!</p><p>Thank you!</p>
<p>Dear Sir,</p><p>Same message as Mac1997. Would you accept making 11 for me ???? I would pay you. How much would you want ? because I can't make these because of my computer.<br>Congratulations ! and Best Wishes</p><p>delphine</p>
hi <br>Could make me one for me? I would pay you . how much would you want Great idea. I can't make one of these my self cause my computer doesn't download PDF files and I don't have a local laser cutting place.<br>Greatest regards <br>Mac1997
hi<br> how are you? <br><br>i will make it for you <br><br>where are you from?
hi ! i really liked your design , i&acute;m love make this kind of things and for that decided built the mine, I built which whit cards of SIM card (I dont know if i said well), is a few most small what the original and i modeled whit the drill an DREMEL, sanding and polishing took me a time until get of all pieces , thanks for share your ideas, i leave the pictures<br> <br> &nbsp; &nbsp;<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<br>
This site offers a solution to many of your precision cutting needs for those who cannot afford a laser cutter. <br> <br>http://www.silhouetteamerica.com/default.aspx <br> <br>A laser cutter, while enormously useful and cool, is not necessary for this project. I was able to cut the pieces both by hand and by using the machine above. <br> <br>
my computer won't download the eps file, so I can't send it to a custom laser cutting company, so could you post the vector drawing file instead, and if so, is it compatable with inkscape? <br> <br>thanks for your time and project, that wouldn't help a 13 year-old like me, that I respect so much!
I'm also 13 (high five!), but I was wondering what laser company you're sending that to. I had a hard time finding one. I saw one, but it was for bigger things and it charged like $100 an hour. I need to find one for all of these awesome projects that use laser cutters! Thanks, Thomasthetankengine
im not exactly sure of the prices or anything, but there's a website called 100kgarages.com where people with laser cutters and 3d printers and stuff can do other stuff for you. The website has a map with fabricators around the world.
I forget what it was called, but it never asked for any kind of payment, and it never showed up.It was cheap(cost based on size, I think it was between $10 and $20 for this) and did small pieces out of less-than-1/2-inch thick(your choice) sheets of a material(also your choice, and if they didn't have the material you wanted, they would ship it to their facility from another company)
Thanks, sounds awesome. Do you know of a way I could find it? I would love to find a place like that I can get laser jobs done. If not, that's ok. I think there's one in my neighborhood (?)
no, I don't.
I have the files and if you need them email me at: aidan.jarosgrilli@education.nsw.gov.au any way, cool project. :)
I've uploaded PDF and SVG versions of the vector files to Step 2. Hopefully they're more useful to you!
thanks so much!
That is VERY cool!!!
I would do this, but my dad sold his awesome laser cutter... It wouldn't do what he needed it to do so he sold it :(
This is so cool! What a great way for your business cards to stand out.
please upload DXF file, not able to covert the EPS format to DXF
download the PDF file and search on google for pdf to dxf online, and click on one of the links, upload the file, and download it.
just one question how much did you spend on this laser cutter? and great instructable by the way.
Great instructable what material was this cut out, and what thicknesses were used?<br><br>Thank You
I laser cut them in acrylic but the assembly was an epic fail. Luckily I printed 4 sets but you should have set a marker or some sort of point where the little circle pieces go. Thanks for the great design!
As a test of the laser cutter we just got in to the Milwaukee Makerspace, I decided to cut this business card out of clear acrylic.<br><br>I'll be honest, having not successfully cut anything so far, I decided to enlarge it a bit to ensure a quality cut.<br><br>So far, so good. Tomorrow, I'm going to affix everything and start tormenting people with games of &quot;I'm crushing you!&quot; (Kids in the Hall ref.)<br><br>Thank you, not just for this Instructable, but for coming up with ideas like this in the first place.
Ugh! I'm jealous of you laser cutter. I enjoy making and coming up with ideas like that, but I can't cut neatly to save my life. I'm going to try to make one of those, but it'll be much thicker because I only have access to cardboard. I'll post the picture on here when I'm done.
This project is amazing. &nbsp;I give you my vote ! &nbsp;My project entry for the Epilog Challenge uses cardstock too: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Quasicrystal-Star-Lantern/">Quasicrystal Star Lantern</a>. &nbsp;I hope I can do this with multiple passes on my Craft Robo Pro.<br> <br> I hope you keep posting fun projects. &nbsp;Consider phrasing in the tone of telling us how to build things, this reads more like a journal. &nbsp;It would be nice if the first step contained&nbsp;all required materials and tools (including paper stock thickness).
Very Creative! Thanks for a great post.
How long does it take on the laser cutter?
+1 Vote to win<br><br>Too bad we can't rate anymore...you'd be getting 5 stars.
what about stainless steel version
That would be great, but quite awkward to make and rather expensive to give away as a business card. Maybe when I'm successful enough, I'll start using stainless steel business cards...
two days ago I built the business card made ​​of wood (birch plywood 0.8mm). I used my homemade CNC milling machine:) Very nice project! I love it!<br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0QjuULg2xA
Fantastic! I can't tell you how I excited I get whenever someone actually makes something I've posted online. This is amazing! Great job, spago.
haha take my card or my card will take you
Haha, good slogan!
As my version of Adobe Illustrator won't update would be possible for you to send me the PDF files or better yet post them?
Sure thing, I've uploaded a PDF version to Step 2.
I plan to try the middle layer with paper that already has adhesive on both sides. so it's just peel and stick. Just so I can quickly assembly a few.
Very sensible!
Does anyone have a good (cheap) source for a laser cutting service that could cut some of these from the eps file?<br><br>By the way, a great instructable and a fantastically creative project!
I've not tried having these cut commercially yet, but let me know if you find a good service.
this is huge! great way to wake a smal robotic hand.
This is so unbelievably awesome! Too bad it would be way too time consuming to mass produce.
I'm not so sure it would be that time-consuming once I had the process streamlined. If there's demand for it, I'll give it a go.
You can also get a cutting knife made by a die maker and then it would only take minutes to produce!
This is by far the most creative way I've seen to make a good impression on a potential client or boss!
Thanks, I'll have to go and pinch <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/ewilhelm/">Eric</a> with it!
Not quite what I meant by &quot;impression&quot;, but hey, whatever works.
It was a glitch, they commented the same thing to someone that was saying that they should sell this, it is down below this comment somewhere, and when they try to comment again to another person what ever they write will become what they wrote to the first comment. I guess it might be from a cookie being stored with the comment's data, but I dont know.

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