Step 8: The finished card

Picture of The finished card
Finished 1.jpg
Finished 2.jpg
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As soon as the glue was dry, I had myself a fun little business card!

Where next? I'm considering trying to make a set of five business cards that combine to form a Voltron-like robot... This one might take a while.
techiebot4 years ago
Does anyone have a good (cheap) source for a laser cutting service that could cut some of these from the eps file?

By the way, a great instructable and a fantastically creative project!
this is huge! great way to wake a smal robotic hand.
This is by far the most creative way I've seen to make a good impression on a potential client or boss!
Kaelessin4 years ago
This absolutely amazing!
drknotter4 years ago
Totally AWESOME! If you want a collaborator on the Voltron project, I'm all over it. [I'm being serious.] :)