Robotic Hand





Introduction: Robotic Hand

This instructable will teach you how to make a robotic hand with metal.

What you will need:

5" x7" Aluminum

Permanent marker


Step 1: Finger Pieces

Trace similar pieces like the pictures on to the Aluminum 9x and cut them out.

Then bend the piece like the pictures.

Step 2: The Finger Tips

Trace similar pieces like pictures 5x then cut them out.

Bend pieces like pictures.

Step 3: Thum Guard

Trace piece similar to pictures then cut out and bend.

Optional: Glue pieces to glove and attach wires.

Step 4: Placement

Put the thum guard on first. One finger piece goes on the thum and two on the others. Put the finger tips on last.



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    Do the edges of the aluminum poke you at all? I'd be tempted to rubberize the inside edges or pad them.

    I'd recommend filing the edges of the aluminum before attempting to bend. You should check out . Its a good tutorial on beginner level armoring.

    Cool design, must be fun to run around with a robot hand. Thanks for sharing!

    I did cut myself a few times in the process, so I decided to cut the pieces a little bigger so I could bend the edges inwards so it would be rounded and not sharp.