Robot's Canadian Vacation





Introduction: Robot's Canadian Vacation

Well, its about time I get this ***** up, its been about 5 days since my return from the land of moose, booze, and hockey.. so lets get to it:

I went back up to Canada to see family, friends and get a hold on my grandfathers situation with his heart/diabetes problem. I mention my vacation in a forum post about 2 weeks ago, and that I would be bringing robot along for the ride, but as luck had it whilst I was packing I tucked him away and wasn't able to find him until my last day, and the process of traveling back home. So enjoy the scecery of southern Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Maryland:



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nice photos.l your luky you lived in Saskachewan.... nooo i have to live in the dead center bottom of the most polutted place on eart D: Ontario especially with them refinories..

Wow... Canada... is flat. I fergot to take teh bot on my trip to Maine X[ Looks like you had fun, did you blow anything up?

Canada is not all flat, only the praires of southern Alberta, Saskatchewan, and some of Manitoba. Wow... you're very... American.

Correction, I'm very Texan.

Adds to the ignorance and arrogance. ;-)

You're just jealous :P

is it true you guys hide on the border in ambush for illegal immigrants?

You are thinking of New Mexico or Arizona...