Instructables has nearly endless resources for robot based projects. Whether your hacking up your robotic vacuum or building self replicating robots from scratch, our robot projects will satisfy all of your brain's electronic impulses. You can learn how to build robots by following the easy step-by-step guides or use them as inspiration to design the perfect robot just for you. Check out these robot projects to see just the tip of the iceberg of the robotic resources you can find on Instructables.

Sparky - DIY Web-Based Telepresence Robot style
The name Sparky is based on an acronym for Self Portrait Artifact  Roving Chassis I an awkward title for an art project begun in the early 90s. Since that time Sparky has evolved from an oversize...
Build an autonomous Wall-E Robot style
Hi! After a kabillion requests, here you go!First a little introduction: Watch VideoI started off with the toy titled "Interactive Wall-E". Available at toys'r'us current price $34.99I am a robot hobb...
'BOB' V2.0 style
This is a sequel, so to speak, of the 'Obstacle-Avoiding Robot with a Personality' instructable. In that instructable, I decided to call the robot 'BOB'. BOB had quite a few flaws and drawbacks, so I ...
How to build the one motor walker! style
Welcome! Here is Instructables on how to build a walker with only one motor! This design is base on the principal of B.E.A.M robotics! Building simple and elegant robot inspired by insect. This robo...
SOCBOT - The Next Generation Vibrobot style
.In the beginning there were pagers. The fact that activated pagers danced their way off of desks and dressers was little more than an aggravation to most people. That changed when it happened in the ...
BiPed robot V-3 style
The BiPed robot V-3 was designed to get as close to the freedom of movement of the human lower body, it has 12 degrees of freedom. The frame is made of acryl-sheets and model servos are used as actuat...
How to build a simple robotic arm from Lego Mindstorms NXT? style
Today, I will tell you how I built my robotic arm from Lego Mindstorms NXT.In fact, I wanted to build a robotic tripod for my camera. I found out, that it's more difficult then it looks. After some ex...
RC truck robot conversion style
This Instructable covers the conversion of a cheap off-the-shelf RC truck into a powerful robot vision platform capable of ball following, etc. I always like seeing the projects around the world usin...
Build Your Own Butler Robot!!!  - Tutorial,Photos, and Video style
EDIT: More info on my projects check out my new website: narobo.comI also do consulting for robotics , mechatronics, and special effects projects/products. Check out my website - for more d...
Individuality Bot style
You can make this robot as functional as you want and as creative and interesting as you want. The main idea here is that this robot represents who you are as an individual. I'll tell you what I did t...
Instructables Robot -- Paper Model style
This is an instructable showing you how you can make your very own Instructables Robot modeli used photoshop elements to create the net for the model and to colour it and add details, overall this too...
eyeRobot - The Robotic White Cane style
Abstract:Using the iRobot Roomba Create, I have prototyped a device called eyeRobot. It will guide blind and visually impaired users through cluttered and populated environments by using the Roomba as...