video Rob's Version of an Axworthy Ghost
This is a flying ghost made in the style made popular by Scott Axworthy.  This is a cheap and moderately easy prop to put together.  Using bike rims, a recycled sewing machine motor, some heavy braided fishing line, a foam skull, cheap plastic drop cloth, some Great Stuff spray foam insulation, and clothes hangers I made this prop in a few days.  It took a few more days to work the kinks out but it was great to watch the kids in the yard that were scared of it and rewarding to watch the dad's follow it around trying to figure out how it was put together!

ahaycox1 year ago
awesome if I could do that I would
astm231 year ago
Hi, how did you rig the motor to the pulley ? Any pictures?
I have been trying but can figure out a drive belt. The pulley at the end of the motor is to small to hold a belt
dirtleg (author)  astm231 year ago
I used one rib off a serpentine belt to run from the motor pulley to the drive wheel(bike rim), hope that helps!!
chipper352 years ago
This is excellent, but I wish I could get a feel for how the hanger "wraps" through each pulley; what stops it from knocking the wire off track?
dirtleg (author)  chipper352 years ago
Chipper, I have upgraded this years video with your questions in mind take a look and let me know if I covered them for you..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDNr1Wf2Wo4&list=FL4HREvrrdglk257HefYCoTQ&feature=mh_lolz
dirtleg (author)  chipper352 years ago
chipper, I'm not sure I completely understand your question, are you referring to the hanger that hangs below each bike rim in case the line comes off or to how the ghost is attached to the line?
l8nite2 years ago
any chance of a slide show version of this build?
dirtleg (author)  l8nite2 years ago
I think most of the pictures that I took are in the video, is there a particular aspect I can help you with....I never planned to use the video in this way when I made it but if I can help you I would be glad to!
l8nite dirtleg2 years ago
nothing in particular, I just prefer slide shows where you can study the picture and there is usually written instruction. To be honest I didn't even check the video, way to many people think they are videographers but the lighting and movements are difficult on eyes with over a half century or use and the choices of music .. It's just a personal gripe and no reflection on you or your ible since like I said I didn't watch the vid
dirtleg (author)  l8nite2 years ago
I8nite, this video does have pictures and video with written instructions built right it, it's more of a slide show hybrid, please give it a shot, I would love your input!
scottax2 years ago
Nicely done! Your ghost looks very close to the original one.

-Scott Axworthy
dirtleg (author)  scottax2 years ago
Thank you Scott, high praise from the man who came up with this prop!!!
wallu20002 years ago
This is AMAZING!!! Very creative!