This is the first Robug a small electronic model which runs on the 2 1.5v cells with two motors and 2 gearboxes.

It self shape with no base as the gearboxes are join together as well as being attached by the battery pack.

the third wheel (the back wheel) is a tag along for balance and for support (as it has no base) it is attached to the battery pack.

at first this Robug went round circles as the motor were different voltages so when the power was low circles were all it would do.

now the motors are the same voltage and the gear boxes are attached by the axis's so it no choose but to go in a strait line.


i love with your job

Love the colours of gear chains

good work::)

Awesome work::)

johnsonpaul1 month ago

good art work

Its not really art work

GrahamAbbey1 month ago

amazing thinking

Rejanblink3 months ago

What if i increase the voltage??

Cringojames3 months ago

Love the colours of gear chains

Davementor3 months ago


KanwarSingh3 months ago

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HarryLaine4 months ago

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Alexisanchez5 months ago

can you be more precise

BijanYusefi5 months ago

tell us how it works and how you set it up...

Mohawksmith5 months ago

keep it coming

Naqash Khan10 months ago

be nice

ZhenyaRoss1 year ago
Oh, it's GREAT!
Why have you sent me a link to a book ITs a good book but what has it got to do with my model
Granzeier1 year ago
Nice - now it's time to give the "scarecrow" some brains. I wrote a post talking about a really low-cost robot ( With a total price of a bit over $10, this is a pretty good project.

You already have the parts needed for the base; a robot based on your 'ible with a low-cost brain, like my post, would bring computing in with a pretty low price tag.

Your motor/gearbox sets look pretty cool, where did you get them and how much did they cost?
The motor and gearbox are from a turner frog kit which I brought.

thanks for the web-site but before that I think i'll make the robug a solar charge the pieces are only about £5 (British money)
Ok, thanks.

Do you have any information on where we can get those motor/gearboxes (or the frog kit)? Also, are the motors and gearboxes already assembled, or do they need to be assembled or removed from the rest of the kit, or what?

I am asking because I would like to build one of these robots.