Step 14: Attach the switches

Picture of Attach the switches
This is your Rock Band Strum Bar. Rock it Back and forth, and notice the little metal contacts making,and breaking contact with almost every strum. This shoddy piece of engineering is why these things are so unpopular.

Let's fix it, shall we?

Take your PS2 Gibson SG Mechanical Strum switches, that were removed previously, and plunk them down on the plastic.

Line one up with the raised plastic piece, opposite the actual contacts.

line up the position where you will place teh switch. Move the strum bar to make sure it will have a smooth and consistent action.

Then lay a big glob of gorilla glue onto the body of the guitar, and place the switch over it.

With the switch in place, hot glue the sides. The Hot Glue dries quickly, and will make sure that the switch doesn't move as the gorilla glue dries, and expands.

Gorilla glue is GREAT. Just make sure you give it a few hours to dry completely.