Step 12: Face Forward, or Backwards?

Picture of Face Forward, or Backwards?
Place the crossbar inside the two upright arms. You have two configuration options here: Hooks facing in, or hooks facing out. Hooks facing in seems more stable and compact, but hooks facing out looks cooler. This is your decision to make. Take into consideration if you are on hard floors or carpet. The connections should be tight enough to dry-fit it and hang your gear on it to test which you prefer. Make sure everything is good and level! I ended up going with the hooks facing in option, since I am on carpet, and it just seemed more stable. Plus, it kind of looks cool from the drummer's seat!
dodo916 years ago
If i made it, i would make it behind. this is because if you just want to play guitar, you wont have to go through the hasle of the the drum in the way.