Picture of Rock Band Strummer Repair
As mentioned in another Instructable, the Rock Band (and Guitar Hero) instruments for the school video game club get used a lot, and we've had some casualties. Here we're going to repair a broken strum bar.

You'll need to remove the back of the guitar, of course, but we'll assume that you can do that yourself.

Step 1: Glue and Reinforce

Picture of Glue and Reinforce
If the plastic bit that activates the magnetic switch is broken, gluing it may be good enough. But if you want to make sure it won't break again, it's a good idea to reinforce it.

I used an adhesive designed for harder plastics to glue the pieces together, then sanded a little piece of wood to wedge into the gap in order to reinforce the little plastic bit.

Test and reassemble your guitar, and the kids can rock again.
hastypete3 years ago
I found that a 'AA' battery is exactly the right size. I do worry that the battery will eventually leak though.
MisterHay (author)  hastypete3 years ago
Excellent idea. Maybe you could put a little heat shrink tubing and/or hot glue to help seal the battery.
rickdf6 years ago
This is exactly how my son's broke. I tried gluing it but it didn't last. The wood block is what I've been missing. Great job and great Instructable!!! //rick//
MisterHay (author)  rickdf6 years ago
Thanks. I had originally thought to fill it with hot glue or something like that, but the wood seems to work well so far.