Step 1: Supplies

1. Rainbow loom
2. Crochet hook or rainbow loom hook
3. Rubber bands
4. C clip or s clip

Step 2: Getting Started

Take your clear bands and place them where they are in the photo.

Step 3: Making the Rock Candy Effect

Wrap a clear band around your hook so that you see three rings

Step 4: Finishing the Effect

Take a normal color band place it at the end of your hook and pull the clear band off

Step 5: Placing This Band

Place the band where it is in the photo.

Step 6: Placing Bands

Place five more i these on the same pin and out like in the photo. Going clock wise.

Step 7: Continue

Continue this until the top this is what it should look like after.

Step 8: What It Looks Like

This is what it looks like after you have looped the bands by taking the first band from under the capping band and pulling it forward. Going in a counter clock wise direction going under the middle capping band all around and pulling out.

Step 9: Looping the Perimeter

Looping the perimeter is simple this is what it looks like.

Step 10: Slip Knot

Making a slip knot is simple go back to Taffy Twist and see details.

Step 11: What It Looks Like

After your slip knot take it off the loom and this is what it should look like. If it does not fit dont panic just add a single chain extension.
My cousin said that it is so cool
<p>how do put up that pics</p>
<p>on my laptop I edit everything</p>
<p>how do put up that pics</p>
<p>how do put up that pics</p>
<p>how do put up that pics</p>
How do u put those words in ur photos
<p>Has an interesting 'twist'....</p>
<p>cool I once made one of those</p>
<p>Don't forget to vote in the full spectrum contest</p>

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