Picture of Rock Climbing Equipment Rack
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Do you need a place to keep your carabiners, rope, chalk bag, and fancy climbing shoes? This climbing equipment rack will hold gear for two, and it features an adorable T-Rex making his way up a wall. (Silly T-Rex, if you’d developed that skill just a teensy bit earlier, you might have survived long enough to enjoy a mammalian buffet within an itty-bitty arm’s length.)

To make one:
  1. Print out the .esp file provided in this instructable 3 times on 1/4" plywood.  Only one of the prints needs to have the dinosaur graphic (the front print)
  2. Glue and clamp the three boards together using wood glue.  Let it dry overnight.  Be thorough with clamping all sides.  Make sure there is contact at every point.
  3. Once glue is dry, screw pilot holes for gear hooks. Use pliers to twist screws in.
  4. Mount on wall with proper anchoring system.  You can buy these at the hardware store and they come with directions.
  5. Climb on!
jchase122 years ago
What program or document type do or should i use to open the pattern? adobe, microsoft word, excel??

jlee1063 years ago