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I had a large rock sticking out of the ground that I could not dig out or move. I wanted to make use of the location and decided to build a fire pit using this large rock as part of the foundation. Once the project was done, we put out some folding chairs, invited my neighbors (they will be curious as soon as they see flames and smell smoke), light up the firewood (the hardest part), and sit back to enjoy the accomplishment.

Step 1: Location

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Find the large rock and the ideal location. You will need some space both horizontally and vertically to make room for the seating area and for the smoke/flames to release and not disturb neighbors or catch anything nearby on fire.

Step 2: Find Materials

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Find loose medium sized rocks that you can lift and stack for the fire pit. Luckily, there were plenty of these in my backyard and the best part was they are all free.

Step 3: Stacking and Placing

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Once you have the rocks, place an empty garbage can in the center as the circular template so you can stack the rocks around. Start stacking with the larger rocks on the bottom to gain better structural support. Ideally, I would have used cement to adhere the rocks together for a more solid structure.

Step 4: Dig Hole (optional)

If desired, remove garbage can and dig a hole inside the pit to create more depth. Flames tend to get big as you add more fuel to the fire.

Step 5: Enjoy

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Find your lawn chairs, invite neighbors and light it up!


Omega0397 (author)2017-09-19

Depending on the rocks selected, this could be hazardous. Some rocks contain moisture that when super heated by your camp fire, will cause the rocks to explode!

seamster (author)2017-09-08

This looks perfect and inviting. I made a similar rock fire pit at a previous home and we created a lot of great memories around it. Nicely done!

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