Last December we went to the Pecos Valley to look for Pecos Valley diamonds and other types of rock. I was most interested in finding the quartz rock. I love the desert especially at sunrise and sunset! It is beautiful!

A homemade gift is nice to receive but it is even better when it is personalized for the receiver. My sister grew up in the Pecos valley and has missed it so much that she chose the nick name Pecos Pearl. I wanted to make her something out of the Pecos valley diamonds for Valentine's Day. The map shows the area where they can be found. Here is a link to read about this particular type: http://geoinfo.nmt.edu/publications/periodicals/nmg/downloads/25/n3/nmg_v25_n3_p63.pdf. This instructable will show you what I made from the rocks I found that day. There are several quick and easy projects to make. Follow through and let's get started.

Step 1: Pecos Valley Diamond Necklace

Supplies for the Pecos Valley Diamond necklace:
Several very small diamonds.
1 Leather cord cut to desire length for necklace.
1 Small glass tube with cork or lid. A small empty container of mint flavoring might work.
Place the diamonds in the jar using the unshaped ones first.
Arrange the attractive ones in the jar where they look the best.
Glue the inside rim of the bottle. Push the cork in the bottle.
Cut the desired length of the necklace chain from the leather cord.
Make a loop to attach the leather cord to the bottle.
Slip the loop over the lid section and pull the string to tighten.
Tie a knot at the ends to make a circle so it can be worn.
You can use a hammer to break up the unattractive large pieces and use them for the bottom section. The bottles are very small. 
That's it!

<p>where can u get the 'spare parts' thing with the bottles in it??, can I find it a hobby lobby??</p>
<p>Hello, yes, Hobby Lobby has quite a few spare parts accessories It helps a lot to use their 40% coupon. Thanks for stopping by and do have a pleasant week!</p><p>sunshiine~</p>
<p>Thank, I'll be getting the stuff this weekend...(if I'm not CROWDED with HOMEWORK,I'm a sevie/seventh grader or sevie in my school)</p>
Thank you so much for the help, going to hobby lobby will be SOOOO much cheaper then going to Michel's
<p>hehe Don't forgot to take a coupon and have fun~</p><p><a href="http://img.hobbylobby.com/sys-master/root/hc4/h06/h00/9072221519902/9.20ShopHL_Coup.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://img.hobbylobby.com/sys-master/root/hc4/h06/...</a></p>
These are super creative! Great job!
Thanks, they were fun!
This is pretty cool i might try it
Valentines Day is just around the corner! Thanks for stopping by. give huggs to you know who!
You got it <br>and no i don't really want to hug voldemort lol jk i know who your talking about
Don't know him but glad you know who!
OMG! you don't know Voldemort Harry potter? hes only the most famous villian EVER!! Sunshiine you HAVE to watch or read the harry Potter books!!! ASAP
I will watch the movie. We do not own a TV. We have not watched TV in years. I do watch netflx. I should have checked online before I replied! LOL . Oh well silly me
Meh But it's crazy u don't have a T.V did you just suddenly stop or did u slowly ease out of it
We had a TV and watched 2 X in ten years. My brother wanted a TV so we gave him ours. We have never been much to watch TV, I guess because we stayed so busy. I enjoy Netflix and the PC much better because I like to pick and choose online and not have to worry about when to watch what I want. I also kike not having to see a lot of commercials!
That's true i watch a lot of anime and comedys which aren't normally on t.v in Australia so i just down load them
How wonderful! Great timing for Valentine's Day, Easter, and Mother's Day. Great way to show kids and teens they can make inexpensive jewelry that carries more love than anything they could buy. Love your ideas - makes me want to break out some wire and wrap something ☺
I feel honored you liked this! Love your work! Thanks for commenting and I hope you do break out the wire! Have a nice evening. <br>sunshiine
Oh Surprise! What a great idea. Yes I am pecospearl and I still love my home place, although I've lived away from there a very long time. Once I found a &quot;perfect&quot; pecos diamond, the crystals radiated from the center like a rose. Somewhere on my travels I lost it and I still regret that.
Thanks for sharing! When we loose them we still have the memories of finding them, at least as long as our minds are working! Happy Early Valentine's Day! <br>sIS
The desert at sunrise,,,,,,,,priceless! I'd like to read that book
There you are! It might be at a library somewhere! What are you cooking? Great to see your smile! Have a sunshiny day! In case you don't know what that is, it is the perfect day in every-way from sunrise to sunset! <br>sunshiine
Hello ;) All is well.
Simply beautiful!! Thanks Sunshiine!
Thank you for viewing! <br>sunshiine

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