Introduction: Rock Lobster Computer Prank

Update: The website I was using to do this got a little messed up so this prank no longer works. I'm sorry. 

This is a really simple way to prank someone on April fools day. It gets great reactions. Also its free.

Step 1: Set Up

Picture of Set Up
Set Up
  • Open Firefox.
  • Click Tools
  • Click Options
  • Main
  • Type in the address Here is a link to the page.
  • Click OK
  • Watch the reaction the next time they come back.

Step 2: Fix It

After they pleaded for help heres what you do to fix it.
Fix it
  • Open Firefox.
  • Click Tools
  • Click Options
  • Main
  • Type in the address for there home page
  • Click OK
I made this web page tonight because I thought it would be pretty funny.
Hope you enjoy. Please comment and ask questions and if you enjoyed this vote for it in the April Fools contest.


admin (author)2008-03-31

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joejoerowley (author)admin2008-04-01

I fixed up the instructable. I think it is better now. Thanks

joejoerowley (author)admin2008-03-31

I fixed it up and added more screenshots. Hopefully this will clear things up.

timothymh (author)2010-02-13

 This is nearly the same as rick rolling someone...

Sunny124613 (author)2008-08-31

yah,my bro sends me those sites all the time,and sometimes it is called: YOU GOT RICK ROLLD'

This Could Be called YOU JUST GOT ROCK ROLLD'

An Villain (author)2009-07-05

i did this and we had just had a virus so it was still fresh in everyones mind, it slipped my mind at the time though so i pulled this prank, my mom thought we wre having another virus and she freaked out and got ready to wipe the hard drive again. but she didn't because i told her what happened, but she told my dad, brother, and sister who all had basically the same reaction she did.

Shagglepuff (author)2008-06-08

Does this work for internet explorer?

Gamernotnerd (author)Shagglepuff2009-06-19


It will work, it will just be harder to change it back, since the page moves around all the time. Unless you quickly navigate away, you can't fix it.

I found some thing similar to this, has the same type of thing. I'm not telling what prank it is though

epicwinrar is gone!!! SO SAD!!!!

There's a new one:

this one is gone

That one rocks!

so what is it? Chocolate rain?

Curse youuu...

joejoerowley (author)Shagglepuff2008-06-13

Yeah it should.

11rex11 (author)2009-04-30

where did you get that video

Derin (author)2009-03-22

I can see your e-mail right there...

Shagglepuff (author)2008-06-27

I tried this out; for some reason, when I kill the site, the text box doesn't appear P.S:WTF! Who made this song?!?!?

shooby (author)Shagglepuff2008-08-05

Dead Kennedy's Song is also sampled in Jacky Jaspar's song, "I'm going for mine"

ralizon (author)shooby2008-08-16

actually that version is the b -52s, its a fairly well known song for anyone over the age of 25...

Julibopper (author)ralizon2009-03-20

Or anyone under 25 who likes to put this on 5 times in a row on the jukebox at the local bar...

DrWeird117 (author)shooby2008-09-06

dead kennedys did a VERSION. :)

Tombini (author)2008-09-18

Instead of the rock lobster type in "" Its so funny!

Shagglepuff (author)2008-07-25
Do whatever you did to that song to this one.

hunt0h (author)Shagglepuff2008-08-08
Shagglepuff (author)hunt0h2008-08-23


hunt0h (author)Shagglepuff2008-08-08 for a less conspicuous feel.

LemonyPotatoes (author)2008-07-27

o theres a page similar to this and its even worse to get out fastest you need to click ok and then hold enter here's the link:

OMG i searched it and thought it wouldnt go away.

QwertyuioLP (author)2008-07-26

How did you do this?

T-K (author)2008-07-26


Audey (author)2008-04-15

awesomely evil, make a redirect relevant to the subject of talking for less suspicion :)

LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-03-30

Evil! Good joke tho

joejoerowley (author)LinuxH4x0r2008-03-30

Thanks! How did you find my instructable?

LinuxH4x0r (author)joejoerowley2008-03-30

through the forum topic

joejoerowley (author)LinuxH4x0r2008-03-30

Ok thanks. I still have not seen it on the rss feed. Kind of pissing me. I want to win the April Fools Contest. :)

LinuxH4x0r (author)joejoerowley2008-03-30

so do I!

Pumpkin$ (author)LinuxH4x0r2008-04-04

u r not alone.....

tigerboy (author)2008-04-02

you know you could just delete firefox and then reinstall it...o and its annoying.

joejoerowley (author)tigerboy2008-04-02

haha. | know thats the idea.

tigerboy (author)joejoerowley2008-04-04

Or you could just keep clicking it off

tigerboy (author)tigerboy2008-04-04

Or use internet explorer

Digital_Anarchy (author)2008-04-03

Stop spamming. By posting this crap all you do is show that you are stupid enough to belive it.

duck-lemon (author)2008-04-01

this is awesome voted and +1

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