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Introduction: Rock Rugs and Stone Carpets

My name is Abby Parmely and I was born November 5, 1990.
Our business is designing, creating, and installing "rock rugs" and "stone carpets,"  though, in reality, we will make pieces out of any other material that lends itself to floor installation and grouting.  
We consult one-on-one with the client to determine what they would like to install.  Then we provide a design according to their preferences and size specifications.
Once the client approves the design, we build the piece for them.  Smaller pieces can be created in our studio, generally through the use of a direct fiberglass mesh method, and then shipped installation-ready;   larger pieces are built in sections and then shipped. We provide instruction, assistance and support to the installer  throughout the installation process, in order to ensure that the piece is properly placed and grouted.  Where necessary or when requested, we build and install on-site.
So no matter what size rug you'd like- whether you want a large oriental carpet look in your front entry, or maybe a rug made of flat marbles and glass beads next to your claw-foot bathtub- we can do it!
If we win the money, it will be used to provide a workshop- that way we can move out of the dining and living rooms and be able to work in a better organized and more efficient fashion.  It will also make it easier for us to showcase our work here locally and online.



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    What is the name of the business and contact info?

    I agree with Gottatrythat. It would help to be taken seriously were there some examples/images of your product....

    I was intrigued because I had never heard of it before so it would really help, even with an advertising page like this, to show the product with different examples to let people know what it could look like.

    This is just an ad.

    Do you guys have a website or portfolio?