In this instructable, i will show how to make a sling. making a sling is easy, fun, and one of these bad boys can outclass any slingshot. Slings were first used thousands of years ago for hunting and as weapons. They were used in war up to the1700s in the British military weapon that the Calvary men used for long range hits. A sling was used by small man David to take down the giant Goliath in the bible. This shows two things about a sling: 1) it's a low status weapon and 2) in the hands of an expert it can be devastatingly effective.

Step 1: Materials

For this instruct able you need about 12 ft of para cord A lighter (optional) And a pair of scissors or a knife
<p>Great for slinging eggs! Easy to get the hang of. Paintballs and rotting baby peaches make excellent ammo too!</p>
<p>I made this and I flung a rock from my fence two thirds across my backyard which is an acre</p>
<p>When I was a kid, my friend and I made slings like this, larger, to hold egg-sized rocks, went out in the countryside, and had a blast. Safety Warning: if you ever screw up and launch straight up, be sure to shout at your friends so they can all look up and avoid the plummeting rock! I was almost a &quot;late&quot; friend, but his errant rock luckily shattered on the stones right next to my feet.</p>
How do i use this?
<p>will this shoot tennis balls or no</p>
The launching of the sling is not something I can include in this instructable, but I will soon make one on how to use the sling
I think he meant to give a more detailed description of the pouch
<p>Very easy to make! However, I was having a little trouble with mine holding the ammo and thought it was a little long so I modified it a little to use three loops for a slightly wider pouch and made the whole thing shorter for more control (just personal preferences). Thanks for the instructable! Made both yours and mine in less than an hour ago and have already had so much fun with it already. <br>I put together an instructable of my own. Thanks for the inspiration!</p>
Took me a few tries, but i finally got it. Now, where is Goliath?
but it's a nice sling.
Try making a video. it will be a lot easier to follow.
<p>I had fun making this..I made 4 last night Next I want to make one bigger with 2 braids for bigger things. </p>
Wicked. Just made and have yet to test, sure it will be great. However, account for the amount of rope a knot takes up as well as the amount of rope you gain from slack.
<p>Pretty fun!<br>Only problem i had was getting the ends to tie off nice after i weaved. Think i improvised well though</p>
it was set up to weave, then all the sudden 1/4 of it was weaved,
Dnash2 what do you mean
please more descriptive on the weave for the launching part of the sling
Made mine last night really nice. I wonder how big you can go with the W shaped method of making a weaving lattice. <br>
that is what i did to make mine, 5 wire nails in a scrap hunk of wood. made it a lot easier to weave the sling.
Amazing! It took me a while to realize when weaving I shouldn't tighten it too much.
I've not had a day off and over 3 weeks and I've been really bummed about that. The fact that I just made this has really just made my month. Thank you ! Seriously.
A better descriptive process of the beginning would be helpful. More pictures to start it off between step 2 and step 3. Cool finished product but not intuitive
very easy to make, awesome instructable dude!
I like it, could come in very handy. <br>My first couple of attempts turned out badly but once it clicks it's so easy. That's true of most of the &quot;man knitting&quot; that I do - once you've managed a particular weave without looking at the instructions then you know you've got it. <br>Voted in Weekend and Outdoor sections.
would that be called &quot;mitting&quot;
I am so using that as a verb from now on.
fun stuff, it's so cheap and easy i might have to give it a shot
I voted for you :)
Thanks for this!!!! It works and its sooo awesome :)
Thanks steve
Don't forget to vote for me!!
My aim? I could probably smash a watermelon from 150 ft away.
Great work, man. This would make a great bracelet weapon too. How's your aim with this, RedWolf?<br>DDC
Old mouse balls make superb slingshot ammo, so I suppose they will be good for this.
yes finally people are going back to the simplicities o war human powered weapons and good thing bout slings ammo is everywhere! very nice
Next on my ToDo list !
Nice explanation; better than another I found which uses 2 - 6 or 7 foot pieces of rope or leather. I'll give it a try. Thanx
this looks really cool:) my husband loves making stuff with paracord and this is something we haven't seen before.
Great write up! Where's the link?
<a href="http://www.slinging.org" rel="nofollow">http://www.slinging.org</a>
Sorry about the link, I just included the name of the website in the last step. Thanks for telling me about it!
I made one a while back and accidentally hit a car mirror <br>Long story short I'm banned from slings
Very cool.
I don't see the link to the website that taught you to use it. Could you please repost?
I like the woven &quot;basket&quot; - it's almost a &quot;survival sling&quot;, like a survival bracelet.

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