Rock Sling


Introduction: Rock Sling

Ever wanted to sling rocks the old way? Well now you can just follow these instructions

Step 1: Finding Measurements

First you need to find the measurements. My measurements were 4 in. and 2 cm. but it didn't work to well so try a bigger measurement

Step 2: Poke Holes

Next you need to poke 4 holes I just uesed a nail but any pointy thing will work

Step 3: Tie the String

Now tie string into the holes. NOTE: I used calf string I would not recommend it cus' it's hard



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    Ok those don't work to well try 12 by 10 inches it works better

    It's as in the the description

    Are the measurements 4 inch by 2 inch or 4 inch by 2 centimeters (as in the description)?

    I know it said 1-2 business day so tomorrow I expect

    I will try but I don't see a voting symbol

    Make sure to vote for me