Picture of Rock Solid Skateboard Hanger from PVC Pipe
Looking for a way to hang a couple longboards up in the garage, we came up with this simple design.

This supports the board by the wheels, gets it out of the way and protects it from getting beat up. 

Step 1: Material and tools

Picture of Material and tools
PVC pipe - 3 inch diameter schedule 40, 10 inches or more. Can be solid or foam core.
Fasteners - 2" drywall screws, EZ-anchors or Tapcons.

Table saw, miter saw and band saw. If you don't have these, a hack saw will do the whole job, it just takes a bit more work.
Drill press or hand drill
3/16 and 3/8 drill bits
tape measure/ruler
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MatthewTaylor (author) 14 days ago
Nice work senseimeshari- looks great!
This is an amazing idea. So cool. I've done it with a dremel then Plastidip it with red color.
15, 8:44 PM.jpg15, 8:44 PM.jpg15, 8:44 PM.jpg


manuelmasc made it!9 months ago

thanks for the brilliant idea! simple and cool

American Ruin11 months ago

This makes me want to get another longboard!

MatthewTaylor (author) 1 year ago
Cool, nice work mOWWck!
mOWWck made it!1 year ago

Awesome instructable. 5$ worth of pipe and a dremel is better than anything I could buy.

t0mm0t made it!1 year ago

perfect board rack!! thanks for sharing the idea. :)
here's my version of it...

2014-04-28 19.53.45.jpg2014-04-28 19.52.56.jpg
MatthewTaylor (author)  t0mm0t1 year ago
That looks really sweet! Thanks for posting a picture. Did you laser cut it out and bend it?

Thanks, I appreciate that. :)
No, its all done by hand out of an sewage pipe like you did.

The ION logo is just a sticker, but on the picture it looks like a cut-out you're right. ;)

NASAguy2 years ago
I have been looking for a way to hang my longboards and this is perfect.
13, 9:57 AM.jpg
MatthewTaylor (author)  NASAguy2 years ago
Cool, nice work! Thanks for posting a pic. Dang, the trucks on that board are wide - can you even ride it on a sidewalk???
Haha ya they can but u just gotta be carful of pinecones they will make u do a 180 if your not carful.
3366carlos2 years ago
very nice.
MatthewTaylor (author)  3366carlos2 years ago
Thanks carlo$. The notch is necessary for my trucks but you're on to something - Bear and Paris style trucks don't need the notch. I'll add that to the notes. Glad you pointed that out.
from the last picture, it looks like the notch is not necessary. Nothing is hitting the pvc.
I never would've thought. Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely be making one of these soon.

Very nice and slick design
RangerJ2 years ago
I like it. I think I'll make one for my shop broom...
MatthewTaylor (author)  RangerJ2 years ago
Cool idea.
Great idea!
MatthewTaylor (author)  masterochicken2 years ago
Hey Thanks Mastero'. May be scaleable to hang your bug up...
bertus52x112 years ago
Smart! If I still had a skate board, I would suspend it this way!
MatthewTaylor (author)  bertus52x112 years ago
That's a big gear, no? 52x11? ever too late to get back into it for a little cross training or carving on some downhills.
Yep it's a big gear.
About skateboarding: too many things in life....
ambientvoid2 years ago
Very cool, might do this for all the boards dotted about my lounge. Would actually be ideal as a 'daily board' hanger by my front door :)
MatthewTaylor (author)  ambientvoid2 years ago
It's easy to make a bunch all at once, hope it works out well hanging in the 'void. I've seen grey 3" conduit that may look cool, another guy found black PVC for some color options... Have fun.
Tinworm2 years ago
Very Cool

Very elegant, simple design!
MatthewTaylor (author)  Tinworm2 years ago
Thanks tinworm.
MatthewTaylor (author)  tpeterson19592 years ago
Thanks tpeterson.
cammers2 years ago
Great idea. thanks for sharing.
MatthewTaylor (author)  cammers2 years ago
Thanks cammers - hope it's helpful.
dee0042 years ago
That's pretty cool. Good idea.
MatthewTaylor (author)  dee0042 years ago
Hey, thanks alot. It's super simple to make.
gweeds2 years ago
I don't even have a skateboard and I think this is awesome. You should market these!
MatthewTaylor (author)  gweeds2 years ago
Thanks - thumbs up!
Dibbethy2 years ago
Finished making one tried to spray paint it with plasti dip, but my impatience got the best of me, and i ended up just sticking with the plain black PVC. I'm trying to find a spot to hang the second one now... A side note, you have to have a stud to mount these. I got lucky with the first attempt, but the second attempt left me with some drywall holes.
MatthewTaylor (author)  Dibbethy2 years ago
Awesome, thanks for posting the pic. And very nice board!

If you don't have a stud to mount it to, consider an EZ-toggle, they hold really well in drywall.
olm9112 years ago
I do not ride a skateboard but I think this is the most ingenious instructable I have seen in a long time.
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