Picture of Rock The Baby
All of these other "contest" tricks scare me. Here's a tried-and-true old trick easily accomplished by anyone who can "sleep."

I did this animation several years ago for a yo-yo retail site, drawing in 8-bit black & white like our cave-dwelling ancestors did.

A quick yo-yo-bio: I taught a yo-yo "workshop" once a week, during the Great Ball Bearing Revolution of 1997. Lots of kids were using those awful "auto-return" contraptions that are a heinous obstacle to skill development... but I was preaching the gospel of "wood" and ball bearings, and I daresay that I rescued a significant number of impressionable youths from the sinister crutch of auto-return. Who knows, perhaps one of them has entered this yo-yo contest? The hardest trick I can do is the "rock the baby inside the Eiffel tower..." I can do the Brain Twister, the "star," that kind of thing. But my favorite thing to do with a yo-yo is looping all day long. I usually knock myself unconscious when I try to "Shoot the Moon." Favorite yo-yo? Spintastics Tornado II, Tom Kuhn's Roller Woody. Favorite string: by Albion Manufacturing, now they're apparently "Tassels.com," and I don't know if they still make string (luckily they sent me a big envelope full back then, and I've still got lots!).

Now that all of that is out of the way, here's how to rock the baby:
Cool, but for it to be in the contest, it needs to be in video format. Nice job anyways.
mcraghead (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Ah, but isn't a moving gif really just "poor man's video?" :) This is obviously not a bona fide "entry," I just had this animation laying around and wanted to contribute a yo-yo how-to that a beginner could accomplish. Mike