Always wanted to learn how to make some fun and fashionable earrings? Well lets get to it! These earrings not only have swing and a little rock and roll personality, they are fairly easy to make yourself and you can change them to suit your limitless imagination and bead supply, which ever comes first.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

  1. 12" of 18 gauge wire
  2. 18" Chain with links open enough for wire. (I recycled a broken necklace)
  3. Twelve 6mm ball beads
  4. One set ear wires
  5. Wire Cutters
  6. Round nose pliers
  7. Shot Glass (preferably empty, so bottoms up)

<p>Very cool and simple to make, I like it!</p>
Thank you Danger. They are loads of fun to wear too. I have a even longer chained pair in gold that are perfect for karaoke night.

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