Picture of Rock and Roll Hoop earrings

Always wanted to learn how to make some fun and fashionable earrings? Well lets get to it! These earrings not only have swing and a little rock and roll personality, they are fairly easy to make yourself and you can change them to suit your limitless imagination and bead supply, which ever comes first.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

Picture of Supplies and Tools

  1. 12" of 18 gauge wire
  2. 18" Chain with links open enough for wire. (I recycled a broken necklace)
  3. Twelve 6mm ball beads
  4. One set ear wires
  5. Wire Cutters
  6. Round nose pliers
  7. Shot Glass (preferably empty, so bottoms up)


Very cool and simple to make, I like it!

Thank you Danger. They are loads of fun to wear too. I have a even longer chained pair in gold that are perfect for karaoke night.