Introduction: Rock/Laser/Mirror

This is a new variation on the rock/paper/scissors game.

Rock beats Mirror
Mirror beats Laser
Laser bears Rock

Step 1: Rock

Beats Mirror

Step 2: Laser

Beats Rock

Step 3: Mirror

Beats Laser



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    These are like the greatest comments ever! So many LOL moments!

    You're not going to believe this. When I was in third grade, I had this exact. Same. Idea. Not joking. I called it "rock-laser-mirror", in that order, with that same rule system. This must be some act of fate, or hitsuzen, or infinite improbability, whatever your beliefs are.

    As with Rock, Paper Scissors, I still contend that rock beats everything: It can mash the paper, smash the scissors, crash the mirror and pound on the laser until the resonance cavity is disrupted and stimulated emission gain is no longer supportable.

    what is the point of smashing something already flat(paper)?

    what's the point of wrapping a rock in paper? xD

    It's not so much paper "defeating" rock, I think, as it is paper encasing and entrapping it, therefore embodying a conceptual if not physical sense of neutralization and impotentization, as well as expressing paper's apparent dominion over the helpless stone.

    Just my $0.02.

    well, once you wrap it, you can light the paper on fire, and then you have a flaming rock :D

    Okay, let's take a for instance:

    Suppose I have a big jagged rock and you have a single slip of paper - say America's Declaration of Independence. I then take my rock and pound the paper on the ground; it's bound to be ruined and torn (even though the ideals contained within the document are invincible, they do no lend structural integrity).

    But what if you held the paper up as if to "wrap" it around my rock. Well, then I just pitch my rock right through your thin bit of paper - again, ruined. No matter the paper vs rock strategy, rock will not be damaged.

    Perhaps this highlights a scenario where laser could beat rock, though. Because if you go charging towards the Declaration of Independence wheeling a large stone over your head, you're bound to be taken down by something that has laser sighting on it.

    Just a thought. :-)

    Well, you may be right. but who ever said the paper was only a single sheet? What is you had a rock in your hand but I had a couple hundred pounds of paper? Or perhaps some sort of cardstock too thick to be ripped by a rock? I have to admit, I don't see much point in wrapping a rock with paper, it is still really painful when you get hit with it. Also, what if I were to construct a fire with the paper, to such an intensity whereas the rock melts? Then paper might be considered the victor, but once rock cools, it is a rock again. Paper is stuck as ash :( Geez. I wonder who thought of rock.paper.scissors., they must have had far too much free time.

    A couple hundred lbs of paper just might do it based on personal experience with a meager dictionary sized stack of bound paper, properly positioned and dropped onto my foot. I then suggest the amendment to the paper handsign of placing ones hands in a "double paper" position, one on top of the other, to imply several tonnages of paper (perhaps accompanied by a downward, smashing, crushing-type motion). Actually, whoever originally thought of rock/paper/scissors probably spent less of his/her free time on this game than we've just invested into it. Hmmm.