Picture of Rockband Kick Pedal Kill Switch!
Well... a week ago I was jammin with my friend and he said he was going to make a foot activated kill switch and I asked him why no use a rockband kick pedal, and so I proceeded to make this 'ible.
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Step 1: Parts list

Picture of parts list
1.small project box
2.1/4inch guitar jacks
1.1/8inch headphone jack
some wire
rock band kick pedal

soldering iron
side cutters
hot glue gun

Step 2: Drill holes

Picture of Drill holes
Drill holes in each side of the box for the 1/4inch jack and one smaller one for the 1/8inch jack in the top of the box.

Step 3: Soderin' time!

Picture of Soderin' time!
killswitch schematic.jpg
Basically just hook the signal lugs on each 1/4 inch jack together and do the same for the ground wire. then with a handy wire stripper, strip the middle of each wire and hook I the 1/8inch jack in the middle.

Step 4: Put 'er all together

take the electronics and put them in the project box. my 1/8inch jack wasn't a thread in kind so I had to hot glue in the 1/8inch jack, but the other two were held on by nuts.
a kill switch for what?
stevie1 (author)  sillyzombie6665 years ago
its a killswitch for a guitar.  im too lazy to reread my own instructable but did i not mension that in any part of the 'ible?