Rockband Kick Pedal Kill Switch!





Introduction: Rockband Kick Pedal Kill Switch!

Well... a week ago I was jammin with my friend and he said he was going to make a foot activated kill switch and I asked him why no use a rockband kick pedal, and so I proceeded to make this 'ible.

Step 1: Parts List

1.small project box
2.1/4inch guitar jacks
1.1/8inch headphone jack
some wire
rock band kick pedal

soldering iron
side cutters
hot glue gun

Step 2: Drill Holes

Drill holes in each side of the box for the 1/4inch jack and one smaller one for the 1/8inch jack in the top of the box.

Step 3: Soderin' Time!

Basically just hook the signal lugs on each 1/4 inch jack together and do the same for the ground wire. then with a handy wire stripper, strip the middle of each wire and hook I the 1/8inch jack in the middle.

Step 4: Put 'er All Together

take the electronics and put them in the project box. my 1/8inch jack wasn't a thread in kind so I had to hot glue in the 1/8inch jack, but the other two were held on by nuts.



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    If the title was "Guitar Kill Switch using Rockband Kick Pedal" it would lead me there @Cederic. Since it's called "Rockband Kick Pedal Kill Switch" it would lead me to think it's for the game. Not sure why anyone would want/need to mute a plastic GLO in a video game.

    In essence, this is wiring all three jacks tips, and all three jacks rings to each other, and then the Kick Pedal shorts tip to ring to mute, rather than opening one connection between the jack...

    Kind of hard to open the connection if the switch in the pedal is normally open.. I don't even know why I put this up, seemed cool that the time. Anyway, guitar kill switches are supposed to ground the signal so the sound stops abruptly without having interference from the signal wire being left open and used as antenna. If you want a neat example, YouTube "Jordan by buckethead"

    o i thought this was for guitar hero / rock band

    its a killswitch for a guitar.  im too lazy to reread my own instructable but did i not mension that in any part of the 'ible?