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    Hello Instructoids. I am happy to finally share a costume build  that I completed in 2012. I used as many recycled materials that I could and I spent about $150 total, mostly on duct tape, batteries, and hot glue. I don't have an engineering degree, nor am I great at math, geometry, etc.  A lot of this costume was guesswork, and will probably be a little bit of trial and error for you too. It was a blast wearing them around, and still is.

   I am 6' 5", so these measurements apply to us giants. I'm sure you can make a smaller version if need be. I have friends from 5' to 6' that could wear these costumes just fine.


-Cardboard (lots)
-Hot Glue gun
-Spray Adhesive (optional)
-Packing/painters Tape (whichever works for you)
-Duct tape Red & Blue approx 7 rolls each
-Exacto knife / razor blades
-Ruler/measuring tape (optional)
-Approx 48 Ping Pong Balls
-Expanding Foam
-Red and blue (spray) paint 1 can ea
-2 red & 2 blue Led lights & appropriate resistors
-8 AA Batteries & 2 holders
-2-4 Pipe cleaners for mouth (optional)
-8 Nuts & Bolts (for Elbow Pieces)
-Fabric (Blue/Red/ and See through black)
-Momentary Switch (optional)
-Red and Blue Clothes to wear under

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Firstdalek1 month ago

super smart!!!! this is awesome!!!

mudkipboss1 year ago
amazing I want to do that
About how many boxes of cardboard did u use??
Honus1 year ago
Love it!
DragonDon1 year ago
Next, defintely make the heads pop up!
bd51 year ago
That is SO COOL!!! Great job!
Partybot1 year ago
You should make the heads extend up like the toy. Great job.
M3G1 year ago