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This is a great way to show off not only the first time i could hit that "I made it!" button, but also to tip my hat in the direction of btking. Thank you for sharing "Kids Rocker Toy"!

I work as a CNC operator on a factory, therefor this is partly made on a industial CNC machine. No pictures because: Safety.

If you dont have a CNC: Follow instructions from btking.

Step 1: Materials.

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I used 2 pieces of 12mm MDF board to the sides, and melamin MDF as the bridge parts.

2x -- 1100x500x12mm MDF

9x -- 500x120x16mm Melamin MDF

I have no drawings or jigs to show off, but the .MPR file i made, can be downloadet here.

I rounded all the edges with a R6 router bit, except the pocket holes.

Step 2: Dry Try. :)

Picture of Dry Try. :)

This step is just to show how it would look without any paint.

Remember dust mask if you are using a router indoor! :)

Step 3: Paint.

Picture of Paint.

Raw MDF sucks to paint..! Every raw edge is primed twice, and the sides are primed once, and painted white twice.

Bridge parts was painted green/yellowish, some colour from a previous project.

I did not paint the melamin because it is super fun to slide down from as it is. Also it is easy, and satisfying to scrape paint off with a "ziehklinge". ( Ziehklinge = Scraper i guess. )

Step 4: Play.

Picture of Play.

My daughter used it as a tool while she learned to stand up.

Then as a cradle to play around in, and then as a counter for selling puzzle bricks.... and stuff...

Oh. And it is made out of 100% scrap materials.

Disclamer: If your child falls down from this awesome toy, i am not to blame. :D


melody wiggett (author)2017-01-04

This is beautiful:) What would you suggest to make it stronger to hold an adult?

Thellesen (author)melody wiggett2017-01-04

Thank you so much. :) - As you might see on the last picture, i did put screws into the sides. And i have tanken a nap in it. (90kilo) So in this size screws will hold it together.

mzungu (author)2016-12-22

Filip over and pinch your kid's toe kind of toy... I am sure the kid will learn to not do it again,... but you sure it's Mother approved? :P

Thellesen (author)mzungu2016-12-22

At least it is too heavy for her to flip it over when we are not there.

-The mother approval took some time, but now, after 1 year of usage she loves it, almost as much as my daughter. :)

emoravek (author)2016-12-22

r.i.p. the kids fingers lol

Thellesen (author)emoravek2016-12-22

Not much of a rocking toy, if it's not allowed to rock? :) The space in between bridge parts is 8mm, and therefore not possible to pinch any fingers there.

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