The Little Line and Ledge Bot from Rocket Brand Studios is just a big bunch of wonderfullness packed in a big box of awesome.

Well, its about time... I finally got around to designing a good, solid line and ledge bot. This little guy is set up for lines, mazes and ledges (deskbot) with its 5-sensor bar in the front. Three sensors are mounted together in the center, spaced to match the width of electrical tape. Two more sensors are mounted at the far-outsides of the sensor bar. These two extra sensors are slightly wider than the wheels, and thus can detect the edge of a desk with plenty of time to stop or change direction. They are also super handy when used as a maze solving robot. --The two outside sensors are just what you need when following courses with 90 degree turns. 120:1 geared motors are not quite speed demons, but move this little bot around just fine. 

On top of all this line-follow goodness, we add a Dagu Micro Magician board. Simply an awesome board, packed full of features:
  • Atmega168 (Speaking Arduino)
  • On board USB
  • Sweet motor driver (with brakes)
  • 3 axis accelerometer  (not only a "tilt" sensor, but also can detect impacts --bump and turn with no bump switches!)
  • On board IR sensor (Control this bot with any Sony Tv remote (or universal remote)
Finally, there is even space left over (and a cut-out) if you want to add a micro servo and "head" in the future. 

                                                                     Rocket Brand Studios
                                                                      Little Line and Ledge
                                                         MicroM info, Instructions and Downloads

Step 1: Getting Started

Ok, lets get started...

First thing first, go ahead and strip off the paper backing from the plexiglass. Just use your fingernail, once you get an edge going it will just peel off. Also, if you notice a kinda funky "plastic" smell, well, that is just what the plexi smells like when it comes out of the laser cutter. The good news is that the vast majority of that smell is in the paper backing --not the plexi itself. Peel the paper and throw it away outside --the smell will go with it, I promise.

Even better, have one of your kids peel all that paper while you get some tools ready:
  • Soldering iron and solder (if you didn't get the no-solder kit)
  • Wire strippers and dykes
  • Long tweezers, needle nose pliers or a pair of hemostats 
  • Little screwdrivers
  • A little masking tape might be handy too
Nice job Chris, good detailed instructions. I am very happy to see a Micro Magician robot on Instructables.
Finally. And yes, I agree. I really like the micro magician board, mostly because it has the IR controller built in!
There is now an Instructable for the Micro Magician here: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Step-by-Step-guide-to-Micro-Magician-robot-control/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Step-by-Step-guide-to-Micro-Magician-robot-control/</a>
oh, come on! PUT A COMMENT ON!!! THIS IS EPIC!!!
epic. i absolutely love your robots. but i think the tiny tanks chassis is a bit too low slung...

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