Rocket Brand Studios Little Line and Ledge Robot

Picture of Rocket Brand Studios Little Line and Ledge Robot
The Little Line and Ledge Bot from Rocket Brand Studios is just a big bunch of wonderfullness packed in a big box of awesome.

Well, its about time... I finally got around to designing a good, solid line and ledge bot. This little guy is set up for lines, mazes and ledges (deskbot) with its 5-sensor bar in the front. Three sensors are mounted together in the center, spaced to match the width of electrical tape. Two more sensors are mounted at the far-outsides of the sensor bar. These two extra sensors are slightly wider than the wheels, and thus can detect the edge of a desk with plenty of time to stop or change direction. They are also super handy when used as a maze solving robot. --The two outside sensors are just what you need when following courses with 90 degree turns. 120:1 geared motors are not quite speed demons, but move this little bot around just fine. 

On top of all this line-follow goodness, we add a Dagu Micro Magician board. Simply an awesome board, packed full of features:
  • Atmega168 (Speaking Arduino)
  • On board USB
  • Sweet motor driver (with brakes)
  • 3 axis accelerometer  (not only a "tilt" sensor, but also can detect impacts --bump and turn with no bump switches!)
  • On board IR sensor (Control this bot with any Sony Tv remote (or universal remote)
Finally, there is even space left over (and a cut-out) if you want to add a micro servo and "head" in the future. 

                                                                     Rocket Brand Studios
                                                                      Little Line and Ledge
                                                         MicroM info, Instructions and Downloads
OddBot3 years ago
Nice job Chris, good detailed instructions. I am very happy to see a Micro Magician robot on Instructables.
Finally. And yes, I agree. I really like the micro magician board, mostly because it has the IR controller built in!
OddBot3 years ago
There is now an Instructable for the Micro Magician here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Step-by-Step-guide-to-Micro-Magician-robot-control/
oldmechanic3 years ago
oh, come on! PUT A COMMENT ON!!! THIS IS EPIC!!!
oldmechanic3 years ago
epic. i absolutely love your robots. but i think the tiny tanks chassis is a bit too low slung...