Step 7: Assembly 6

Line Follow Sensor:

At the time of writing this Instructable, I have decided that I would rather solder together the line follow kits rather than write another Instructable. So until further notice, your line follow board will come fully assembled, populated and soldered. Ok, lets get going:
  • Locate your line follow board
  • Locate (4) 5mm stand offs, M3 nuts and M3 screws
  • Locate the little plexiglass "washers"  (These are easy to loose, I probably added extras in the kit)
  • Secure the (4) stand offs to the sensor board using (4) M3 screws and adding the (4) plexi washers (see picture) 
  • Gently "encourage" the (4) male ends of the stands offs to fit through the (4) corresponding holes on the bottom plate of the chassis. You may want to loosen the screws a little bit so you can fudge the stand offs around a bit
  • Secure everything with the (4) M3 nuts --and tighten up the screws, if you loosened them
Awesome, we got it attached. Now lets do some quick wiring. Remember those piles of jumpers you made a while ago? We need the bunch of 5 (assorted) and the bunch of 3 (Red, black, white). Note: the pins on the line follow board are in a "pack of 3" and a "pack of 5".

From the pack of 3:
  • Connect black to -
  • Connect red to +
  • Connect white to S
From the pack of 5:
  • Connect one each to the 5 remaining pins. It does not matter what color goes where. 

Bundle up these wires and get ready to start feeding them through the chassis. In fact, one of the pictures below shows the wires tucked under and fed through the chassis. Actually, it would be better to go ahead and take a look at the next step before running them through. Certain wires need to go certain directions --In the next step there is a clear picture on how to do this.

Nice job Chris, good detailed instructions. I am very happy to see a Micro Magician robot on Instructables.
Finally. And yes, I agree. I really like the micro magician board, mostly because it has the IR controller built in!
There is now an Instructable for the Micro Magician here: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Step-by-Step-guide-to-Micro-Magician-robot-control/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Step-by-Step-guide-to-Micro-Magician-robot-control/</a>
oh, come on! PUT A COMMENT ON!!! THIS IS EPIC!!!
epic. i absolutely love your robots. but i think the tiny tanks chassis is a bit too low slung...

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